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There are many practical reasons as to why you might be looking for a key safe. A key safe enables you to store a variety of keys in a set location, meaning people chosen by yourself can access these keys. This, in turn, means that you do not need to have numerous copies of each key. For example, you might be the janitor in a student dorm. The dorm contains around 50 rooms. A key safe would be a logical place to store all those keys, whilst you only have to carry around a single key to open the safe. And many safes can now be opened with a code or even biometric information, meaning you don’t even have to carry a single key with you anymore.

What is a Yale Key Safe?

A Yale key safe is a key safe that uses the pin tumbler lock as developed by Yale. This is a mechanism that uses pins that have different lengths, ensuring a lock can only be used with the correct key. Although patented by Linus Yale Jr. improving on his father’s (Linus Yale Sr.) design, in 1848, the system of pin tumbler locks is thought to have been around since the Egyptian times, when a similar system made out of wood was used. Only key safes that show the patent logo of Yale can truly be called Yale key safes.

Costs of a Yale Key Safe

  • Discount Locks sell outdoor Yale key safes for £35.94 (including VAT). These key safes are specifically designed for outdoor use and will only hold a few keys. A safer way to store a spare key than leaving it under a rock, for example.
  • The same lock can be bought from Lock Monster, whose motto is ‘keeping the monsters out’ for just £27.70, making it excellent value for money.
  • Langbridge Home Hardware sell a Yale key safe cabinet that holds up to 20 keys for £27.95. Again, a fantastic deal certainly worth considering if you are looking for a Yale key safe.

Installing a Yale Key Safe

Yale key safes are usually quite small, holding only a few keys. This means they can normally be self-installed. Usually, all you will need is a drill and a screwdriver, most Yale key safes will come with screws and fixtures, as well as the ever useful directions manual, meaning you will be able to install it yourself without any difficulties.

No matter the reason why you may be looking for a key safe, Yale key safes are definitely a lock system you can trust. It has been around in its patented form for almost 150 years, but the system itself has been used for thousands of years, meaning it should give you peace of mind that your valuables are secure in a Yale key safe. And, as you can see, there are plenty of places where you can find an affordable Yale key safe with the benefit of being able to install it yourself.

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