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Key safes are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners in the UK who are looking for ways to protect themselves in case the unfortunate happens. How many times have you been out jogging, or our for a pint only to discover when you returned home that you had lost your keys? In order to prevent yourself from becoming close friends with your local locksmith (and spending a lot of money in the process) you may instead decide to have a key safe fitted outside your house. Key safes are a reliable and secure place to keep a spare key for those unfortunate times when mishaps happen. Gone are the days when trusty door mat or plant pots were able to be used to hide a key. If you really want to protect the valuables inside your house, leaving your spare key in an external key safe is a much better idea.

What is an External Key Safe?

Key safe models vary depending on customers’ needs, purpose and upon the mechanism by which they operate. An external key safe is ideal for social care professionals, institutions, children and rental buildings’ users since it is designed to store keys on the outside of a building. External key safes come in many sizes and designs with the smaller models holding one or two keys, while larger models are able to hold up to 2000 keys. Some are portable while others are mounted onto the exterior of buildings. They ensure that people are never locked out again, and they are readily available and affordable. External key safes are weather and tamper proof. This increases their durability and convenience.

Costs of an External Key Safe

External key safes can be found in most hardware stores and amongst many home-ware stores. Some popular choices include:
  • Amazon UK have a large stock of external key safes with prices ranging from £20.99 to £45.99 including VAT and free delivery.
  • Your local trust Co-op store may also have an external key safe for sale with an external key safe that is able to fit between 4-5 Yale keys costing £54.99.

Installing an External Key Safe

External key safes are designed to be operated from the outside of a building. They are weather proof thus they can be mounted on outside walls of buildings or on the floor depending on the exact model. They are designed to fit many keys or one to two keys depending with the model. They are easy to install and operate, but commercial models with complex mechanisms may require professional help with installation. Some use a simple keypad mechanism while others have a complex electronic mechanism. External key safes designed for residential household users come in covert models that are not easy to trace by strangers.

The external key safe is reliable, affordable, durable and safe to use. It is recommended for both institutions and homesteads. An external key safe improves security on the premises and saves time and money used on recovering lost keys.

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