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C500 Key Safe

Key safes are a recent invention that has helped to save time and reduce the losses incurred by replacing door locks due to lost keys. They ensure that keys have a central place of storage, and this reduces the time wasted going through drawers, plants, doormats and cabinets looking for misplaced keys. In addition, they increase the security of the property that is under lock since the keys are accessible to specific people, usually the custodians of the key safe.

What is a C500 Key Safe?

The C500 key safe is made using a heavy alloy shell of stainless steel and zinc. Its buttons are mounted on a stainless steel plate that is fingerprint and scratch resistant thus increasing its quality. It has a heavy duty locking system incorporated that has a long travel bolt which makes it safe and pry-resistant. The handle turns with ease and turns back to the closed position when locked, without the risk of opening, making it difficult to break or be forced open. The C500 key safe has buttons easy to press for better access with a choice of more than 4000 combination codes. It has adequate resistance against bad weather conditions and also comes with mounting hardware which is included in the packaging.

The C500 key safe has been awarded with the highest level of security rating in the UK, thus making an achievement of LPS1175 level 1 Credits. It has been on constant approval by the police due to its secure design.

Cost of the C500 Key Safe

Costs of the C500 key safe vary according to the size and the supplier you choose.
  • The Supra C500 key safe is affordable since an installation can range from £99 inclusive of VAT. It is also available at KeySafe ranging from £59.94.
  • If you’re interested in this product, you can also get it for the price of £71.99 including VAT at The Safe Shop.
  • If you prefer to get this police approved key safe, you can also order it from Amazon where you can get it at the price of £99.99.

Installing a C500 Key Safe

The safe needs to be mounted on the wall to prevent physical attack. It has a double wall construction and four heavy duty masonry screws whose purpose is to hold it in place on a template specially made for mounting. Mounting instructions are ensured by the product provider as well as assistance if the client cannot mount it by himself. It can be mounted inside the house or premises, or outside the house due to its weather proof qualities.

The C500 key safe is popular since it is approved by the police force, and it has ranked the safest in the U.K market. It can be used for business premises, home security, spare keys storage, parental control to keep children from pharmaceuticals, for commercial buildings and emergency access. It is safe and easy to use hence it is suitable for people of different ages. The C500 key safe is convenient and user friendly and available at affordable prices.

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