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A safe can be a useful tool to use to protect your valuables. These can include, but are not limited to, credit cards, works of art and jewellery. If you have such valuable possessions then you need to know that they are being protected while you are not there. That is why a lot of people resort to safes. They are designed to only open for their owner and breaking into one is difficult and time consuming. While the average person might not need a safe in which to store his priceless works of art, he could still use one to protect some more ordinary objects like keys. Even if they do not have the same value as a diamond or a painting, the keys are still worth protecting as they can cause quite a little bit of trouble if someone steals them. One of the most common mechanisms used for this is the key locking safe.

What is a Key Locking Safe?

A key locking safe is a safe that uses a key as a locking mechanism. They are very common since they are the cheapest model on the market. However, this does not mean that they are not effective. As long as you have the key, getting into one of these safes is as troublesome for a thief as getting into any other type of safe.

Costs of a Key Locking Safe

  • Sterling has a wide range of safes that use this method. Their price varies depending on the size of the safe. An average model would be the Sterling Value 24 which holds up to 24 keys at once and it has a price of 26.50 excluding VAT.
  • Burton Safes has a popular model as well. It is called the Burton Key Cabinet CK40 and it holds 40 keys and it is supplied with 2 keys for the locking mechanism. It retails at 225 excluding VAT.
  • Phoenix Safe Company Limited has two versions available, one that holds 48 keys and another that can hold up to 96 keys at once. Their retail prices are 22 and 25, respectively, not including taxes.

Installing a Key Locking Safe

Installing one of these safes in your home is easy as it requires very little skill and experience. As long as you have the right tools you will do fine. You will need a power drill to make the holes in the wall and a screwdriver to secure the safe onto that wall. This is an easy job, but if you cannot do it then it might be worth it to ask a friend, a family member or a colleague for help before you turn to professional help. It is not a complicated job and this way can save you some money.

We all have some possessions that we would hate if they got stolen. Since keys are used every day and the average person has more than one or two they are hard to keep track of. That is why you need a key locking safe where you know that your keys will always be protected.

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