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Many people in the UK are accustomed to using safes that are opened by keys and not electronic locks. After all, there is an established sense of security when you know that the only thing that can open your safe is a physical object that you keep inside your pocket and not a piece of information that can easily be obtained through numerous means. However, the downside of using safes that can be opened by keys is you cannot open your safe if you lose the key. Fortunately, Sentry Safe offers an excellent Sentry Safe Key replacement service that can help solve your key loss woes. If you want to know more about sentry safe key replacement services, read on:

What is a Sentry Safe Key?

A Sentry Safe key is technically a key that can be used to open one particular Sentry safe box. The owner is usually given a set of these keys that will be kept by the owner at his/her discretion. In the event that all keys are lost, the owner has to submit an affidavit of loss, proof of ownership, and certain confidential information about their Sentry Safe. A Sentry Safe Key Replacement will be provided by the Sentry Safe Company once all of these documents have been submitted and have been verified to contain true information.

Sentry Safe Key Costs

The cost of requesting a Sentry Safe Key Replacement in sets of 2 can cost anywhere between £8-35, depending on your location, preferred delivery time, and the number of sets you plan to order. However, be reminded that you cannot order a replacement key online when signed and notarised proofs of ownership is required by the company for the keys you plan to order. Therefore, it is best to check with the branch of the company nearest you as to how you can acquire your replacement keys easily and most affordably.

How to Keep Your Sentry Safe Key

Once you gain possession of your replacement key for your Sentry Safe, make it a point not to lose your keys again. After all, proving that you own the safe whose replacement key you require is tedious and a waste of time. A good tip when trying to keep an important key, such as one that is used to open a safe, is to purchase a key safe where you can securely keep your key by simply remembering an electronic code.

If you are not good at remembering electronic codes either, think about a possible hiding place for your key that isnít obvious to anyone else but easy for you to remember. An innocent-looking Pringles can with a hidden compartment inside is a good choice; you can easily purchase such secret compartments at eBay for £5. If you donít want to use such secret compartments, an old and unused shoe in your shoe closet is a very good hiding place. Just remember to keep the cabinet door locked or the family dog could gobble up the shoe (and the key) without anybody noticing. Hiding in plain sight is also a neat trick, if you play it well enough.

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