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When youíre in a hurry or late for a function, you often leave home without picking up everything you need Ė and that can sometimes be the key to the front door. As it swings close you turn to your car and realise youíve left your car keys in the now locked door, along with the key that opens it. Itís always useful to have a key hidden somewhere outside your house in your garden or patio, but an unsecured key becomes a risk for house robbery Ė why would you want to just leave a key for a burglar to find? By using a small key safe you can store one or two keys for just such occurrences and make sure that if a burglar does happen to target your home or office, you donít leave the welcome mat out.

What is a Small Key Safe?

The small key safe is a convenient and space saving way of hiding that spare key with a lot more security than just slipping it under the welcome mat. By using a stainless steel or cast aluminium construction, small safe key manufacturers offer a great cost effective solution to the age old problem of locking yourself out of the house. Using a combination lock system of up to ten digits you can be confident that no opportunistic thief will be able to guess the combination, and because of the strength of the build, it is very resistant to being hammered or sawed open. Because the small key safe is not as big as the larger varieties, it can only hold a couple of keys, but often thatís enough.

Costs of a Small Key Safe

  • UPVC DIY Store, an Essex based company sell a small GE key safe for £41.57.
  • CIA is a Hampshire Company that also sells the same GE key safe for £58.34.
  • Amazon UK is an online store that offers shipping to the whole country and has two small key safe models, selling for £32.99 and £39.55.

Installing a Small Key Safe

The small key safe offers a fairly easy installation provided you donít mind getting your hands dirty and operating a power drill. If that doesnít sounds like something youíre comfortable with doing you can always try asking a friend, someone at work or (your last resort) someone in the family to help. All that is needed to install the key safe is simply drilling a few holes into the surface you want to mount it to, screwing it in to place and setting whatever combination you want. Remember that when setting the combination you want to avoid using the obvious like birthdays or anniversaries. There are several security companies around Great Britain that will install the device or just offer some friendly advice if you need it or get stuck.

The small key safe is a great little device and anyone who has been stuck out in the cold after locking their keys inside the building will know just how useful having a spare hidden outside can be. The small key safe just adds security to that key so if anyone stumbles across it they wonít be able to access its contents without knowing the combination.

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