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Magnetic Car Key Safe

We’ve all experienced that feeling as you shut the door to your car and spotted the keys still hanging from the ignition. Then we have to frantically call family members and interrupt them from what they’re doing to rush over to wherever you are to let you in to the car – and that’s only if they have a spare key! Otherwise you need to call a locksmith to let you in or break a window and by the time you’re done, the simple mistake of locking the keys in the car ends up costing you a small fortune. If this sounds like something you’ve experienced in the past, a magnetic car key safe might be just what you need to prevent this happening to you again in the future.

What is a Magnetic Car Key Safe?

The magnetic car key safe is a small, unobtrusive device with a magnetic backing that can usually hold at least one key. As it is magnetic it can sit on any magnetic surface of the car so can easily be hidden out of sight making it difficult or impossible to find by potential car thieves. The magnetic car key safe can be a lifesaver in the event of a lost or misplaced key or if you lock your keys inside your vehicle. Even if a thief does find the magnetic car key safe is protected by a combination lock so even if it is found by someone that shouldn’t they would still need a combination to access it.

Costs of a Magnetic Car Key Safe

  • The Safe Shop offers a few different models of this type of key safe ranging in price from as little as £5 and increasing to the more expensive models for around £12.50.
  • UPVC DIY Store also offers magnetic car key safe options but their stock is more limited. Their prices start from £4 making them a very affordable purchase.
  • Amazon UK have a wide range of magnetic car key safes and will deliver nationally, making them very accessible. Their range starts from around £5 and increase to close to £20 offering a price point for everyone.

Installing a Magnetic Car Key Safe

Because the magnetic car key safe attaches easily to any metallic surface, it is very easy to install. The only thing that you might need some advice on is where to position it. Ask some friends, family or even colleagues to give you some ideas. Once you’ve decided on a spot on the exterior of your car simply set the code using the included instructions, and let it magnetically connect to your chosen spot. If no one has any good suggestions and you are worried that wherever you choose might be too obvious, ring the company you bought it from for some suggestions. In most cases they can offer you great ideas on where to attach the magnetic car key safe.

Whatever your need for a spare key on the exterior of your vehicle, you’ll find that the ease of use and easy installation of the magnetic car key safe is perfect for those rare moments where you’re locked out of your car or lose your keys.

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