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Security is one of the most important needs and it is this need that has led people to acquire numerous locks and hence a bunch of keys. Carrying multiple keys is an inconvenient and unsafe habit. Many people lose or at least misplace their keys quite frequently. This has led to people storing their keys in safe or secret places. The problem with this is thieves often know the most common secret hiding places and so it is not unusual for a thief to gain access into a home by finding a supposedly hidden key.

Having a key safe is essential for anyone who desires convenience and security. The importance of having such a safe cannot be underestimated as it provides a safe place to store keys in an adequate location that can be accessed by the owner at any time. This is where the GE Supra key safe comes in handy.

What is a GE Supra Key Safe?

Supra is a company that provides electronic key management systems for real estate and property management. Their key safe is a strong box designed to hold multiple keys. They can be mounted on the wall or any flat surface. Portable GE Supra key safes are also available. Key safes are especially useful for homes and small businesses for owners to have a safe place to store keys. These safes are convenient and have a solid and rustproof exterior. They are made using durable materials and are difficult to break into. Access is limited to only those that are aware of the designated security code. The latter can be changed often for added security. Some safes also come with an alarm sensor connected to an alarm system.

Cost of the GE Supra Key Safe

The cost of the GE Supra key safe differs depending on the model. The range varies and everyone can find something that they can afford.
  • The GE Supra Original key safe 1001 is a strong box that has a record of accomplishment for unmatched quality, and it can hold up to five keys. It can be mounted on the wall or any flat surface. It is available for 35.90 at Discount Locks online.
  • The GE Supra Slimline digital key safe is an extra slim designer key box available at KeySafe for the price of 42.46 including VAT. Other features include the possibility to operate the key safe using one hand (quick access); it is also extra slim, weather resistant and can be fitted on narrow doorframes. Brackets and screws are provided in the package.
  • GE Supra key safe products are also available on Ebay at a starting price of 22.65 for UK residents.

Installing a GE Supra Key Safe

The safes are easy to install with instructions available. Screws and brackets are included in the package. If one is unsure about certain steps of the installation process, he can get in touch with expert installers that can provide advice or execute the installation themselves. Anyone wishing to procure a useful key safe that is affordable and also easy to install should have a look at the GE Supra key safe.

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