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If you have a shed, granny flat, pool house or in fact any outdoor dwelling in your yard, you don’t want to have to keep going back to the house to fetch the keys to open them, especially if you’ve been gardening or swimming and you’re full of dirt and mud or soaking wet. By having a key safe with these keys outside it might save you from being screamed at by the wife who’s just mopped the floors and honestly, who needs any more reason than that to invest in a key safe? Outdoor key safe boxes are cost effective, easy to use and very convenient.

What are Outdoor Key Safe Boxes?

Outdoor key safe boxes are a great and cost effective way of securing keys outside your home, office or any other building or location. It attaches to any wall or floor by screws and is made from a strong and rust resistant metal like stainless steel or aluminium, making it usually very difficult to break open even by a hammer or hacksaw. Most outdoor key safe boxes make use of a combination lock or key code to unlock, and even with just four digits this makes a possible number of combinations of about 10,000 so a potential thief would need hours upon hours to guess the combination. Outdoor key safe boxes have plenty of storage space for sometimes up to 10 keys so even the largest office building should be accommodated by outdoor key safe boxes.

Costs of Outdoor Key Safe Boxes

  • The Safe Shop offers a full range of outdoor key safes and being an online store they will shop to any location. Expect to pay between £14.99 and £49 for a key safe.
  • Insight Security is based in East Sussex and offers a few key safes for between £25 and £50.
  • The Little Safe Company has a host of different options for outdoor key safes, which range in price from £10 to £75.

Installing Outdoor Key Safe Boxes

For the installation of outdoor key safe boxes you’ll need a drill, spanner or screwdriver and the device. If you’re not happy using a drill or want some guidance, ring up a friend, family member or colleague to help – or if you have to contact a professional, call the company that sold you the key safe to help you with the installation or just offer some friendly help or guidelines for the installation. Once the key safe is mounted firmly to the exterior of the building, all you need to do is set the combination and you’re ready to use your outdoor key safe boxes which can be changed as many times as needed. Try to avoid using common numbers that may be easily guessed by people who happen to come across your key safe.

Whatever made you decide to look into getting a key safe, once you’ve used any of the many available outdoor key safe boxes you will realise exactly what you’ve been missing by not having one installed at your home.

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