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There are many people who have a tendency to forget where they placed their keys or end up losing them when adjusting their daily routines in the slightest way. The development of key safes aims at ensuring that keys are stored securely in a location about which the owner is well aware of. Key safes can be either fixed in an outdoor environment or on the exterior of a building where they are easily accessible in case of emergency. The most frequent users of key safes include school going children and care workers who more often than not, do not carry keys with them when they are away from the building. Other users include tenants of apartment buildings and people who work in various institutions with shared entrances and exits. An example of popular key safes includes the GE key safe.

What is a GE Key Safe?

A GE key safe can hold from as little as 2 keys to as many as 5 keys. The key safesí design allows them to adhere to a wall or any flat surface that would be convenient for the owners and other users of the keys. To begin using the GE key safe, people need to come up with a combination of numbers that will constitute the security code which will be conveniently used at any time they are intending to access their keys. The users of the GE key safe will also benefit from the simple push button combination technology to access their keys. As an added security measure, the users of these key safes are to change the key safe combination on a regular basis.

For areas which experience extreme weather conditions such as extreme heat, cold or even rain, the GE key safes are more than suitable as they can resist in any harsh climate due to their solid metallic design. Since the safes are metallic, they can resist the attempts of strangers or any ill-intentioned individuals that would want to destroy them. As an added advantage, the GE key safes come together with a mounting hardware so that customers simply need to find a spot to mount them.

Costs of the GE Key Safe

GE key safes range in price from as low as £14 to as high as £43.
  • One of the companies that sell these key safes is the iPlexMall which sells the Original black Portable Spin dial for £14.44.
  • Another company that sells these key safes is The Home Depot which offers the GE Security 001267 black Key Safe for £37.75.
  • The online shopping website Amazon offers the GE 001409 GE Security 001409 Clay Key Safe at £18.79.

Installing a GE Key Safe

Installing the GE key safe is a simple process that most people can perform. All that is needed is some basic DIY knowledge and a power drill. Instructions should come with the safe that your purchase and if you need further help your supplier should be able to help you.

The GE key safe is a reliable way of storing your keys. They vary in terms of size, colour and design. With a wide range of models, all with different prices it is not hard to see why this is one of the most popular key safes on the market today.

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