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Many offices and homes still have the older style safe that requires a key to lock and open it. Many of these safes may have only one or two spare keys and the fear of losing one or both those keys is a legitimate concern. Most safeís today utilize a combination number lock system and finding a safe key blank can sometimes be a little difficult. This is particularly true if the safe you are using is an older model safe that is no longer being manufactured.

Hand Fabricating a Safe Key from a Safe Key Blank

How to locate a blank for your safe will depend on its age. If the safe is more than a hundred years old, itís likely that spare keys will be difficult and possibly impossible to find. Certainly no lock smith will carry suitable blanks that can create a spare key for you.

When a safe is no longer being manufactured and there are no blanks suitable to create a key, keys usually have to be hand fabricated. This requires a locksmith skilled in making keys and it may be helpful to remove the safe door and take the key now in your possession to a lock smith who possesses this skill. The locksmith will view the lock and if possible use it to create a duplicate key to the one in your possession.

Duplication of Existing Keys Using a Safe Key Blank

Most locksmiths today are skilled in duplicating existing keys by using precut blanks that they have in stock and then with the aid of a machine they can cut the key to the size and shape required. Blanks are held in stock when there are adequate requests for them. Once requests are limited to under a certain number, the lock smith may no longer stock that type of blank.

Where to Buy Safe Key Blanks

Discuss your needs with your local locksmith who will advise you if he or she is able to fabricate you a spare key. They may also be able to direct you to someone who can hand fabricate a key if they are unable to do this themselves. When you choose a locksmith you can expect to pay less than £20 with VAT added. However some safes require keys that may cost as much as £50. Some locksmith businesses will dispatch an engineer to your address to do a home visit and this may be useful if you have a large or heavy safe that needs a key to be hand fabricated.

Alternatively, you can choose to look for an online store such as Gunnebo Safe Spares which offer next day delivery on most products. Contact the service department of most online businesses. They can help you select the best method for having a new key cut from blanks and most also have a home service department that can dispatch an engineer to your address if required.

Having at least two spare keys for a safe is essential and locating a key safe blank suitable for your brand of safe will assist your locksmith to fabricate spare keys for you. Your locksmith should be able to help you locate and purchase a blank if they do not have them in stock themselves.

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