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With burglary on the rise, you canít take any chances with your home or office security. Gone are the days when putting a spare key under a rug or plant pot or hiding it elsewhere around your property were safe enough. The reality is that thieves are getting cleverer by the day and even those hiding places are spotted and found by thieves in mere seconds after arriving on your property. You need to ensure that you have done all you can to secure that key and a great and cost effective way of doing just that with minimal effort is with a secure key safe.

What is a Secure Key Safe?

A secure key safe is a cheap and easy way to keep that spare emergency key secure outside your home or office building. The secure key safe is made from a very strong metal like stainless steel, which is protected against rust and extremely difficult to break open by hammering it or sawing it open with a hacksaw. A secure key safe uses a combination lock to secure the keys inside. It can hold between five and ten keys and with 10,000 possible combinations with the four digit combination lock, simply guessing the code is almost impossible. Some of the secure key safe variants have even more digits for use in the combination making this code even more impossible to guess.

Costs of a Secure Key Safe

  • eSafes is a company based in Newcastle and stocks a massive range of safes and safe products including key safes. Their range starts from £4.99 and increases up to £38.99.
  • Discount Locks is an online store specialising in locks and keys. They sell several different key safes of all sizes and descriptions. Their most economical option sells for £14.95 and their prices range up to £52.95.
  • Safe Options is a Bristol based company that retail many different secure key safe options. For as little as £9 or as much as £79, they will have a key safe that suits you.

Installing a Secure Key Safe

The secure key safe can be a little bit tricky to install. To mount it to your wall or floor you need to drill four holes, which for some might mean calling in a professional to help or enlist the help of a willing friend or relative who is handy with a drill. However you get it installed, once the secure key safe is mounted to the wall all that is left to do is set the combination of your choice, which is normally very straightforward by following the included instruction manual. If you get stuck, you can always ring up the shop you bought the secure key safe from for some help or advice.

Because the secure key safe is strong enough to resist a serious beating, it keeps your keys safe from potential burglars. It is, however, a good idea to install the key safe out of sight. Having to first find the secure key safe will sometimes be enough to deter the opportunist thief.

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