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Supra Key Safe Instructions

We live in a mad world. Time flies by so quickly that itís hard to remember what your name is let alone all the errands you have to run or where you put those car keys. So with this in mind it can never hurt to make contingency plans for yourself in case you lose something valuable. In some cases, this is a necessity. Businesses like to have the surety that there are spare keys as a copy for in case anything happens to the first one. If you have any tenants or work in an estate agency, you will already be familiar with the concept of a key safe. But, you may not really understand how to use one. This will serve as a practical and easy-to-use guide. Call it your supra key safe instructions.

Step by Step Supra Key Safe Instructions

  • Step One: In the centre of the box, you will see a sliding switch that clips up and down. Your first step is to pull that switch down in order to clear the lock. Once you have pushed it to the bottom, you will need to enter in a combination.
  • Step two: You will now need to enter in the opening combination for your lock. This combination is provided with your initial purchase and normally consists of a few numbers that can be punched into the lock itself. Press the keys down right to the base and enter the numbers in sequence. If you make a mistake you will have to clear the lock and start again.
  • Step three: At the top of the lock, you will see that there is a handle that must be brought down and pulled towards you. This will open the box to reveal the aforementioned key. Most supra key safes have a small hook inside to attach the key to the safe. This will ensure that it doesnít fall out when you open the box.
  • Step four: Use the key as you will i.e. for opening the apartment etc. remembering to keep it safe until you wish to return it.
  • Step five: When you are returning the key to the safe, place it back onto the hook inside the box or simply into the box itself. You will need to close the box and pull the handle at the top down gently until you feel the safe lock. Go back to the sliding switch in the centre of the block and pull it again in order to clear the code that you have previously entered and ensure that the safe is fully closed.

Additional Supra Key Safe Instructions Information

Most of these safes come with a remote control that can open the safe. If you have one of these, it is imperative that you keep it in a safe place that is not too close to the lock. You need to be able to access it and open your lock without allowing others to do so as easily. These supra key safe instructions will get you going in no time and make using your new lock simple.

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