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Key safe is the need of the day. When you plan to go out for vacation, you either carry your valuable keys along with you or you keep them with the person you trust. Some times people keep their keys under the door mat which can be easily found by the thieves. Therefore the question is where do we keep the keys while we are away? Key safe is the best solution for this problem.

Key safe is a box where you can store your keys and lock the box with digital key combination. All you have to do is to remember the pin so that you will be able to open the key safe next time you require the keys. You can install the key safe box anywhere around your home. Many key safes look like the electronic meter box camouflaging it easily and keeping it out of direct visibility.

You can install the key safes on the wall near the door, near meter box or even on the floor if you have enough space. For residential purpose you may require a small key safe that can hold ten keys at a time. The large key safe box can hold up to thousand keys at a time which is very useful for the business persons.

Key safe installation is a very easy and simple process. You do not require a carpenter to fix a key safe. You can do it yourself. All you have to do is to fix the bolts by screws provided with the key safe box. The key safes come with the user manual and directions so that the key safe installation is easy for anyone who wants to fix it.

Mere key safe installation in your property gives you many advantages. Such as:
  • Secure hiding and storing place for keys
  • No chance of misplacing and losing the keys
  • Less chances of forced entry in your property
  • Easy to put out of sight because of its camouflage features
  • No need of electricity supply to protect your keys
      If your keys are securely stored in the key safe box, then you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about the safety of your home as the chances of house breaking are much lesser compared to other security measures available in the market.

      Key safe installation is very easy and user friendly. The portability of these key safe boxes increases their usefulness. You can install it and keep it at one place or you can take it along with you. Thus carrying the important keys was never that secure and easy.

      The major key safe companies provide their services for key safe installation for some fee. However, you can do the installation yourself very easily. The best place to install the key safe is where it can be concealed easily. Place near meter box, porch walls near hedge are very good for key safes. Key safes help in storing important keys without the fear of loss.

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