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As a homeowner, business owner, or anyone else required to keep track of keys, your biggest worries are having them stolen or misplacing them. Keys are essentially what unlock our personal lives and make us vulnerable to the outside world. If you are looking for a way to keep your keys safe, secured and organised, a key storage safe may be exactly what you need.

What is a Key Storage Safe?

A key storage safe is a secure and effective way to store your keys. They come in a variety of designs and are made for either indoor use or outdoor accessibility. Your individual needs and budget will determine the type of key storage safe you purchase, but any model from a quality company will meet your requirements.

Essentially, a key storage safe is a safe for your keys, rather than a safe that you open with a key. It securely stores all of your keys for safe keeping until you need them. The models that are made for outdoors are often wall mounted and keep your keys secure while also keeping them readily accessible to anyone you have given the code to. Digital models with a push button system rather than scroll locks are becoming increasingly popular for outdoor use.

Costs of a Key Storage Safe

Considering the amount of security they provide, a key storage safe is incredibly affordable and can be made to fit into any budget. Obviously if you are looking for a very high security model, the cost will be higher than a basic indoor safe. A few companies found to be highly regarded are listed for your information.
  • Key Storage Cabinets is a great resource for all things related to key safes. They have every possible key storage safe under the sun and prices range from £50.00 all the way up to £2500.00.
  • Discount Locks is a very reputable UK company that specialises in all types of locks and safes. Prices start at just £14.95 and they guarantee the lowest prices as well as free shipping on certain orders.
  • For online convenience and a wide assortment of key safe storage devices as your fingertips, Esafes is a great resource. They have a quick and easy phone service so that you can call and get any questions you may have answered. They also offer free installation, next day shipping, and prices start as low as £39.95.

Installing a Key Storage Safe

The installation of your key storage safe will depend entirely upon which type you choose. Indoor models can be placed anywhere in the home and are often placed in a closet or on a desk and require no installation. Outdoor models are often wall mounted and will require some installation. Most key storage safes come with the mounting materials and instructions, but if you arenít completely confident in your ability to properly install it, having a professional do it may be a good idea. No key storage safe is incredibly complex, however, and even a savvy neighbour may be able to help you get it up and running.

A key storage safe is an affordable option for anyone looking to keep their keys organised and secure. There are models to fit any need and budget, and with their growing demand in the UK, you can safely assume that they are as effective as they claim to be.

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