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The possessions we value the most are the ones we try the hardest to protect. Ironically enough, however, it seems that the harder we try to protect something, the more trouble we run into. Safes of all sizes, shapes, and models are becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK as a way of keeping our possessions secure. If you’re not familiar with safes, a Sentry safe key may be the best place to start looking.

What is a Sentry Safe Key?

A Sentry safe key is one of the most durable safes available on the market today. These safes use a special locking system that can only be opened with the original key so you never have to worry about your belongings being stolen. A foremost advantage of a Sentry safe key is that they are fireproof—not even a tragedy that destroys your entire home will destroy this safe.

The Sentry Safe Company was founded in 1930 and was the first to market a fireproof safe—so you know that their products are quality and reliable since all other fireproof safes are just a duplicate of what Sentry created. The Sentry safe key comes in a wide variety of sizes and models to fit any and all of your needs. They have personal safes as well as business safes, gun safes, and many others as well.

Costs of a Sentry Safe Key

Because the Sentry safe key has such a wide selection, the pricing will depend entirely upon what your requirements are. The good thing about a Sentry safe key, however, is that if you purchase from a reputable Sentry dealer, the prices stay the pretty close to the same—eliminating the need to spend your time price matching.
  • Purchasing directly from the Sentry Safe online store is a quick and convenient way to get your Sentry safe key. Their website answers many questions, provides direct contact information, and displays all of their products so you can see everything that they have to offer. When you are ready to purchase, you will be redirected to an outside seller such as Amazon where you can complete your purchase. The cost is generally around £20.00 for a basic home safe.
  • Local UK office supply stores also often have a stock of Sentry safe key units available. The selection is not usually as wide but they can often place a special order if there is something you need that is not in store. The prices are about the same as anywhere else, but often have a slight mark up. You can expect a basic home safe to start at about £25.00.
  • The Safe Shop is always an excellent resource of safes of all kinds. This site also offers fast shipping. The majority of the Sentry safe key items they have are for offices and guns, as opposed to the personal safes. These items range greatly but a small gun safe starts at £139.00.
Keeping your personal items safe does not have to be a hassle. Safety deposit boxes at banks require you to pay a monthly fee and make a trip to the bank every time you need something. You are also out of luck if you happen to need an item during hours that the bank is not open. A Sentry safe key is a simple and effective way to store your personal items in your own home in the most secure possible way.

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