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With key safes a not very talked about subject, it may be hard to find all the information you need before choosing which one to buy. We have compiled a list of the most popular key safe FAQs to help make your decision that little bit easier.

Q. Why do I need a key safe?

A. There are countless reasons for you to have a key safe. This is also why they come in so many different shapes and sizes. You could be a hiker, for example, and need a secure place to store your keys whilst you go for a hike, all the while having the peace of mind that you will not lose your keys. Or you could be a hotel owner and you want a safe that will store all they keys to the rooms in one secure place. Perhaps you have a disability and struggle to come to the door and donít want to give everyone who is entitled to access your house a key. In that case, you could have a small wall mounted key safe that can only be accessed by those who are allowed access. The list is endless and there is a key safe to suit all your needs.

Q. Doesnít having a key safe defy the object of having one? Wonít I need a key to open the safe?

A. No! Although some key safes are opened with a key, these are usually specialised key safes. For example, some key safes require two keys to be opened, which means it can only be opened when two specific people are present. This is used in particular with safes that hold keys or other items that are highly sensitive. In general though, a key safe is opened either by a timer or remotely via your PC, or by a code. This means you only need to remember the code and you can share it with anyone who is entitled to access to the safe.

Q. Is it hard to install a key safe?

A. No! Most key safes can be mounted to any wall or flat surface and will almost always come with necessary fixtures and an installation manual. All you will really need is a drill. There are some more specialised key safes where you will need some additional or professional assistance, like a key safe that is built in to your wall, but most can be done by yourself.

Q. Are key safes expensive?

A. As said, key safes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and hence their prices will also vary depending on the level of security you need on your safe. You can expect to pay anywhere between £10 and £1000 pounds, depending on exactly what you are looking for.

Q. Where can I buy a key safe?

A. Many companies now sell key safes. Again, it entirely depends on the type of key safe you are looking for. Portable key safes can be purchased from most stores that specialise in outdoor pursuits such as hiking and surfing. Larger, specialised key safes can be purchased from security companies. But you can also find key safes from stores such as B&Q or Wickes, Argos and Boots.

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