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Have you ever needed a spare key? Itís happened to all of us. We leave our house keys at work or our work keys at home. We close the front door to the house only to realise weíve left the keys inside. We close the car door and spot the keys dangling from the ignition though the window. We get home before a family member who promised to be home hours ago and have to wait for them. We get home way past our curfew and have to wake up our furious parents to let us in. There are so many reasons why spare keys hidden outside your house or office are useful, but unsecured spare keys might be more dangerous than useful. Thatís why itís a good idea to use a spare key safe to protect your spare keys from the hands of burglars and the likes.

What is a Spare Key Safe?

The spare safe key solves that sinking feeling after youíve locked your keys in the house or get home to find that youíve left them at work. A simple metallic box constructed from a hard metal which is rust resistant and can withstand most attempts to hammer or cut open, the spare key safe is a great safeguard against being stuck outside with no key. Most spare key safe models use combination locks of up to 10 digits with variable code lengths which make the code incredibly difficult to crack. The spare key safe comes in a few different sizes so no matter how many keys you need to secure in the spare key safe there should be a model for you.

Costs of a Spare Key Safe

  • Safe Options is a large online store that has many spare key safe deals, ranging in price from the small variety costing around £10 to the larger models that sell for anything from £19 plus.
  • Keys and Locks Direct are based in Devon and sell their branded spare key safe for £17.84.
  • Discount Locks have a number of key safe products to suit any pocket and are based in Hampshire. Their prices start from just £4.99.

Installing a Spare Key Safe

If youíre handy with a drill, the spare key safe should be a cinch for you to install yourself. If youíre not that good at using a drill consider getting the help of a friend or relative that is. If no one you know is available to help there are a few security companies that can help Ė or maybe all you need is a handyman. The spare key safe requires mounting against a wall with the screws provided. Once youíve selected a spot out of sight and installed the key safe you need to set the combination you want by following the instructions in the manual that accompanies the device. Remember to set a random combination and not to use your birthday, anniversary or any other significant number that might be guessed.

Whether you use the device for your hidden key in case of being locked out or for your office, youíll find the convenience far outweighs the cost of the spare key safe.

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