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The most useful thing about using a key safe is that you donít have to issue keys to each and every person who might need to gain access to the building. If you have 24 hour security in your building you need only to give them access to the key safe and they will have all the keys they might need. Similarly, if you need more than one employee to have a door key, just put up a key safe next to the door and anyone who needs the key can use it Ė and itís cost effective and safe. Buying a Mooncode key safe will save you a lot of hassle and stop the inevitable stressing over lost or misplaced keys.

What is a Mooncode Key Safe?

The Mooncode key safe is a much better option than leaving your key under a mat or plant pot and fits securely around a door handle or over a burglar bar. Because it is portable, itís the perfect key safe to use for more than one location and if you have more than one home, you can move it as you move making it cost effective too. The Mooncode key safe is built from water resistant and rust resistant stainless steel and is very difficult to break or cut open with a hammer or hacksaw. It is secured and locked with a 4 digit key combination making a possible 10,000 combinations. The code can be changed quickly and easily and as many times as you need to and with storage space big enough to store a large car key and about 3 house keys it should be big enough for all your home or office key safe needs.

Costs of a Mooncode Key Safe

  • Kit2Fit offer the Mooncode key safe and are based in West Sussex. For this particular key safe you can expect to pay £19.95.
  • From the manufacturer directly, Frostfire offer the key safe through their online store for £18.99.
  • Leaden Hall UK sell the key safe for £25.49. They are based in Norwich so if you are in that area, you can pick one up from there.

Installing a Mooncode Key Safe

If youíre handy with a drill, installing the Mooncode Key Safe will be no trouble at all for you. All you need to do is drill four holes into the wall and screw it into place. If youíre not so handy with the drill, the most cost effective way of installing it is to ask a friend or colleague to help you out for an afternoon Ė you supply the beer. If you canít find anyone to help, you can contact one of the many handymen in your area to install it for you or even consult with the company that sold the Mooncode Key Safe to help you find a professional to install it for you.

The Mooncode Key Safe will keep that hidden spare key or the key that your employees need to open the building secure and safe from potential thieves. Not only that, you can relax in the knowledge that youíll always have access to your spare key for that eventuality when you end up locked out of the house. The Mooncode key safe has a reputation for being very secure and reliable.

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