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Its not only real keys that can be lost or misplaced. These days most of the keys you have will be in your head your passwords. Almost our entire lives revolve around information stored on the internet and our computers. If we want to give someone money or pay a bill, chances are wed use internet banking. Our social lives are controlled on the huge social network sites on the web. In these modern days of cybercrime being at an all-time high, we need to make out passwords more and more secure and complex. It makes total sense that wed need to keep all these passwords somewhere because forgetting them could mean wed lose access to what could be an important piece of our lives. Thats why the SplashID Key Safe makes things so much easier.

What is the SplashID Key Safe?

The SplashID Key Safe is a USB flash drive with 2GB of storage that also acts as a digital key. By plugging it in to the USB port on either your PC or Apple Mac and entering your master password, it unlocks your stored data. Once you remove the SplashID Key Safe, your data is locked and no trace of it is left on the computer. You can use the SplashID Key Safe to store usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, registration codes, ATM pin numbers and other access codes. Because the Key Safe is secure, even if you lose it your data is safe because to access it, you need your master password. On top of all these features, the SplashID Key Safe is shaped like a key, so it fits onto your keychain so you can carry it with you wherever you go.

Costs of a SplashID Key Safe

  • Amazon UK sells the SplashID Key Safe and will ship it to anywhere in the United Kingdom for 19.95.
The SplashID Key Safe is generally not readily available in the UK but several US companies will ship it to you. The device costs around $29.95 USD.

Installing a SplashID Key Safe

The USB device simply needs to be plugged in to a spare USB port. No software is required to install as the application is entirely stored on the device itself. Comprehensive step by step instruction manuals are included with the device for help on setting it up. The first thing you need to do is configure a master password which should be complex enough that it wont be guessed. The manufacturers recommend a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Once youve set up the password, the software will immediately begin working by storing all your usernames, passwords, PIN numbers and any other access codes you use. As soon as you remove the device, it saves all your data and removes it from the compute it was plugged in to.

By using the USB device, you can make your passwords far more secure and more difficult to guess or break. The SplashID Key Safe makes your digital life far safe from prying eyes and potential thieves.

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