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Key safes are safes in which you can store keys, as the name suggests. This can be extremely useful if you have many keys for your building. Or perhaps you own a car rental company and need a safe and secure place to store the keys to all your vehicles. One of the main benefits of a key safe is that it can only be accessed by designated people. People that have the right code, key or biometric make up to open the safe.

What is a Two Key Safe?

A two key safe, as the name suggests, is a safe that requires two sets of keys to be opened. You might have seen some Cold War movies, where nuclear bombs need to be deployed, and two separate people and codes are needed to launch. Two key safes operate on the same principle. If you need to store some private documentation, for example on child protection cases, it can be useful to have the peace of mind that the files can only be accessed when at least two designated people are present, ensuring that no information can leak out.

Costs of a Two Key Safe

  • The Office Supplies Supermarket sells a two key safe for £719. This is a large safe, in which a second smaller safe is optional. It is large enough to hold shelves and document holders.
  • With Langton Info Services, a GE Accesspoint slim line safe costs £54.70. This is a smaller safe that can be wall mounted. It is excellent value compared to other safes, but you must remember that it has much less capacity than the larger and more expensive safes.
  • The Phoenix Diamond Lock can be purchased from stores such as Discount Locks for around £656.40 (including VAT). It is suitable for floor fixing, with a do-it-yourself fixing pack included in the price.

Installing a Two Key Safe

Installation depends on the kind of two key safe you are purchasing. A large safe, such as the one from Office Supplies Supermarket, requires no installing. It is a floor based safe and can be placed anywhere you like. Make sure when you order it that it is placed exactly where you want it or have some strong bodies present to help you! Some safes will also come with a do-it-yourself installation kit. A smaller safe, like the GE Accesspoint, can be wall mounted. Usually, instructions will be included with your safe on how to do this and it requires little skill other than being able to use a drill and screwdriver. Usually, with a two key safe, there is no need to hire an installer for your safe.

So, whether you work for the police and need to keep information confidential, or you are storing some precious jewels for your inheritance and donít want a person to be able to access them without at least one other person being present, a two key safe is an excellent option to meet all your security needs.

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