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Are you worried about how to open your safe because you lost your keys but are not sure where to ask for help? With thousands of theft cases that happen in the UK annually, it is no longer surprising that families are deciding to keep their valuables at home rather than keeping them in the bank where they could easily be stolen by organised robbers. However, the problem is there are so many safe manufacturers nowadays that you just don’t know who to trust in terms of product quality and customer service.

Some safe manufacturers are negligent enough not to use durable materials that are resistant to fire, water, and even rust. Another problem is the “hands-off” policy practiced by these unscrupulous companies that make you feel lost when you need some assistance with opening your safe. To avoid these clammy circumstances, choose to purchase a safe only from a manufacturer with undisputed product quality and exceptional customer service. Sentry Safe is responsible enough to offer you Sentry Safe Key Replacement when you need it. Apart from getting a lifetime safe service, you are also secured, knowing that your safe provider can help you even if you lose the key to your precious vault. To know more about Sentry Safe Key Replacement, read on:

What is a Sentry Safe Key Replacement?

As earlier explained, a Sentry Safe customer may seek assistance from the company in the event of lost safe keys. If you need Sentry Safe Key Replacement, you have to fill in a form with the necessary identification and security details of your safe, as well as a proof of ownership that is signed and notarised. Sentry Safe key replacement products cannot be ordered online. Your best bet is to visit a Sentry Safe branch personally to get your replacement key set.

Sentry Safe Key Replacement Costs

The cost of getting a Sentry Safe Key Replacement depends on the number of key copies you need, the timeframe of delivery, and your location. If you are situated in the UK, not in a hurry, and only need a standard 2-copy Sentry Safe Key Replacement set, the cost would be around £8-10. However, if you need the copies fast and you prefer them to be delivered within 24-48 hours, a 2-piece Sentry Safe key replacement set can cost about £35. If you want to spend less on your key replacements, better drop by the nearest Sentry Safe branch to personally get your replacement keys. At least, you no longer have to wait and pay for expensive fast-shipping charges.

How to Keep Your Sentry Safe Key Replacement

Upon receipt of your replacement keys, you should be more mindful on how to keep your keys so as not to lose them a second time. Find a simple but smart hiding place where you can keep your keys. If you are already forgetful, then a key safe is a practical hiding solution for you. Simply pick an easy to remember but hard to guess password, and you don’t have to worry about losing your safe keys or them getting stolen by sneaky thieves.

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