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When you finally decide to take that long anticipated vacation or visit those relatives you havenít seen in years, the last thing you want is to come home and find yourself locked out. Most everyone is guilty of losing their keys or locking them in the car or somewhere else. Along with the need for added security, lost keys are the reason that key safes are growing in popularity throughout the UK. One easy and convenient way to make sure you never find yourself kicking your front door again is with a Keypod key safe.

What is a Keypod Key Safe?

A Keypod key safe is a simple yet effective way of safely keeping your key attached right to your home so you never have to worry about being locked out again. Not only is this little gadget completely portable and attachable to anything you can dream of, itís also weather resistant, durable, and of courseósafe. The Keypod key safe attaches to your front door, gate, or anywhere else just like a padlock. The key safe opens with a combination and your keys are kept safe inside until the correct numbers are entered. Most Keypod key safe models hold one or two keys, but there are larger models available for those with a hefty key ring.

Costs of a Keypod Key Safe

Perhaps one of the best advantages of a Keypod key safe is that they are so incredibly affordable. Compared to other key safe models, these are just as effective but can be fit into any budget. A few companies offering these devices are listed below to provide you with a general idea.
  • Extreme Horizon is an online company that offers guarantees and free shipping within the UK on certain orders. They have several different Keypod models that start at just £19.95.
  • Because Keypod key safe devices are popular among sports enthusiasts (particularly surfers) for holding their keys while they go about their activities, many sporting goods companies also offer the Keypod key safe. One highly regarded company is Surfers Village where you can find Keypods in the £15-£20.00 range.
  • Insight Security is a UK company that offers several different key safe options. The cost of a Keypod key safe generally starts at £29.95.

Installing a Keypod Key Safe

If you know how to lock a padlock, you will have no trouble at all with your Keypod key safe. Just set the combination and decide where you would like to keep it. If you are keeping it with you on the go, then the task is even simpler! There really is no more convenient key safe option - especially when you consider what you will save on installation costs.

A world where nobody finds themselves locked out of their own home or car has been made possible by the Keypod key safe. A simple combination lock that harbours your keys until you need them, the Keypod key safe gives you security and convenience all in one affordable little package.

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