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A key safe is a great purchase that will make someone feel better about where he stores his keys. If you were to lose a key it can become a hassle to replace it, as well as worry about whatever happened to the old one and who has it now. If it were to get stolen by a thief your house could be susceptible to robberies. That is why it is generally advised to replace the lock on the door if you lost the key for it. However, if you use a key safe all of these potential troubles can be avoided. The best method available is to buy a model that is used as a key lock and safe.

What is a Key Lock and Safe?

The key lock and safe refers to the method of locking up the safe as well as the purpose of the storage. To put it simply, it is a safe locked with a key that is used to store other keys. Using a key lock safe is the most traditional method. Although it is not as effective as more modern techniques, it still is the cheapest and that is why it has retained its popularity among customers.

Costs of a Key Lock and Safe

  • Phoenix Safe Company Limited offers a good variety of all types of key safe models. The Phoenix Key Box 0011 is a good choice that is locked using a key and it can also hold up to 48 keys at once. Its retail price is 26.40 including VAT.
  • The Burton Key Cabinet CK120 by Burton Safes is another popular choice. It is a much bigger model that can hold up to 120 keys. However, this comes with a bigger price of 414 including VAT.
  • The GE Locking Stor-A-Key is a portable device that can be used to store one key at a time. It is ideal for storing a spare key in a car or near the house while also making sure it is safe. Its retail price is 15 including VAT.

Installing a Key Lock and Safe

Just like most other key safes, these models are easy to install and only require a few holes in the wall where the owner wants to put them. There is no need for complicated or time consuming operations. All you need is a power drill and a screwdriver to hold the lock in place. If you lack the proper tools or are a little apprehensive about making holes in your wall then you should reach out to a friend or a colleague that is handy around the house. If that is also not an option then you can turn to professional help that will sort everything out fast for a service fee.

This type of safe has been popular for a very long time and its low price will ensure that it remains that way for years to come. That is why a key lock and safe is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a place to store their keys.

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