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As a property manager, you are responsible for the keys to not only your own home and business, but those of many other individuals as well. You know that negligence is unacceptable and do everything you can to keep track of all those keys in the best way you know how. Luckily for you, key safes are beginning to pop up everywhere around the UK and everyone from homeowners to janitors are finding them to be the perfect way to secure and organise keys. Because the keys you hold affect so many peoples’ lives, you need something heavy duty and tremendously secure; you need the Keysafe Pro.

What is a Keysafe Pro?

The Keysafe Pro is about as high tech and high security as it gets when you’re talking about key safes. Not only do they feature heavy duty stainless steel and a zinc shell, many models can also be connected to your alarm system. Once the Keysafe Pro has been properly mounted, you can rest assured that your keys are not going anywhere. Most models have hooks in them and even colour coded tags to help you keep your keys organised as well as offering the best protection available.

Other features the Keysafe Pro offers is a stainless steel plate around the buttons which makes them scratch resistant. A built-in clutch mechanism protects the unit from forced entry, and the unit is also completely weather resistant.

Costs of a Keysafe Pro

The stunning features of the Keysafe Pro make it a little more costly than other key safe models, but can you really put a price on safety? Below are a couple of companies that offer the Keysafe Pro in an affordable and convenient manner.
  • Safes Galore is an excellent online resource for key safes of all types and allows you to compare prices as well. A Keysafe Pro purchased from this site starts at a cost of about £100.00.
  • Purchasing your Keysafe Pro directly from GE will ensure that you get a top quality product as well as a guarantee. Many of their models also include the weather cover and same day shipping. The basic models start at about £59.95.
  • Davstar is a very reputable company that offers a Keysafe Pro starting at £60.00. They also have fast shipping and a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Installing a Keysafe Pro

Most Keysafe Pro units that you purchase from a reputable company will come complete with the mounting equipment and detailed instructions. Take a look and determine for yourself if it is something you feel comfortable doing. The high security of the unit depends a lot upon its proper installation, so it may be in your best interest to have it professionally installed.

With a Keysafe Pro you really can’t go wrong—your keys are safe, secure, organised, and readily available to you whenever you need them. Take some of the burden off of yourself and trust your keys to the most highly secured system available.

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