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Just because you own a safe does not necessarily mean that your possessions are protected. A small key safe that you used to store small objects such as keys and credit cards can eventually be broken into or, if the thief is strong willed, he can simply steal the whole safe. That is why some people resort to installing the safes in hidden spots like inside of a wall or behind a painting. However, this would be too much of a complex operation just to protect a spare key. The costs and wasted time involved would simply not be worth the effort. Some people like to use the art of camouflage when they are trying to make their key safes as undetectable as possible. This is often accomplished by using a key rock safe.

What is a Key Rock Safe?

A key rock safe is a key safe that is shaped in the form of a rock. People usually store a spare key to their house in them and leave them outside near the entrance to their house. This is a bit of a gamble since the safe is not heavy or attached to anything so anyone could potentially steal it. Also, most of them do not use any kind of locking mechanism so it would be easy for someone to find it and enter your house. However, this is still a risk that a lot of people are willing to take.

Costs of a Key Rock Safe

  • Sterling is a great company that is respected worldwide as a top notch provider of all kinds of security services. One of their services is offering the Sterling Key Rock Safe. Designed to look like a rock, it can house one or two keys and it is available for 6 including VAT.
  • Amazon is a great site where you can find and purchase almost anything you can think of. Of course, that also includes a key rock safe. One such item could be yours for the price of 3.50 plus shipping and taxes.
  • Streetwise Security Products offers a variety of safes and that includes a key safe that looks like a rock name Rock Hide a Key. The price depends on the retailer where you find it, but it is usually around 3-4.

Installing a Key Rock Safe

There is no installation required. All you need to do is put the spare key inside it and then look for a good place to leave it in your yard. Try to make it as inconspicuous as possible. It might be a good idea to hide it in the back yard as there are less people likely to see it.

Using such a device can be risky, but it can also possess advantages in certain situations. If you just got mugged or lost your wallet the last thing you want to do is to break a window to get into your own house. That way you will wind up having to pay more than you should and in those situations you would want to have a key rock safe.

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