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Portable key safe is the latest addition to the key safe market after the entry of the big key safes and the small key safes. Both of them have certain obvious advantages as well as disadvantages. Hence we must always look for things which would be suitable for our requirements. One must really understand the real purpose of a key safe. It is basically a box which would be storing valuables like keys and other related objects. Keys are definitely important and they are the apostles of security. A lock and key symbolizes a secured area or whatever; it may even be a box. So it is important to open the locks since the locks can only be opened with the help of keys. It is therefore necessary to get the necessary equipments to store the keys. Safekeeping of the keys is very important since they serve a very important purpose especially in our households. Offices have lock and keying systems some of which are digitized and this digital age we can expect to have digital keys.

Digital keys are not the answer but obviously one needs to store the normal keys used in our household. The safeguarding is extremely necessary since they would be used to open the most important locks. Portability is a factor which must be kept in mind. Portable key safes are neither too big nor too small. They are exactly somewhere in between and would therefore be the most ideal safe to store your keys and important commodities. Space saving as well as being spacious cannot be integrated into a single piece. But even though portable key safes are small they have enough space to store around 50 keys. That is enough for household keys. Household keys and car keys are the most important items of storage especially when you are going out for a trip.

Heavy padlocked metal boxes can also be termed as portable key safes. Padlocking can be manual as well as digital. Digitized padlocking is something which would be more convenient but manual padlocking is also a viable option for any buyer. Banknotes credit cards and other small items like jewelry can easily be stored in this type of storage units. Storage and space utilization is fulfilled easily through this kind of packaging. There are various factors from which a digital portable key safe would protect you from. The first would be the prospect of burglary. The solid zinc metal iron body ensures protection from extreme shocks and factors which would go against the house. Full proof protection from various natural calamities and fires and other industrial hazards would be completely negated due to the usage of protectors like the portable key safes.

GE is a major manufacturer of portable key safes and would always be a major player in industrial and household security. Household and industrial security safe boxes start from a price of $35 approximately and better options are still available as one goes up in terms of the technological aspect.

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