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In the present dynamic world, security has taken the forefront in the lifestyles of many people. The traditional means of storing keys on hooks or in drawers are out-dated as more and more homesteads, offices and institutions are opting to install key safes for improved security. Key safes are a modern creation of secured safes specifically made for keys. These have played a crucial role in improving the security of the property that is under lock. This is because only specific people have access to the keys, which ensures security of both keys and property. When looking for a key safe, you should consider the many types and makes of security measures to find the one most suitable for you. You might as well start with a door key safe.

What is a Door Key Safe?

A door key safe simply slips over the door on which installation takes place, and itís kept in place by closing the door. It does not require any power source since it uses manual operation. It is easy to install and has no maintenance requirement. The packaging comes with a fixing kit, a full instruction user manual and a corrosion resistant neoprene cover made from a zinc alloy. It is light in weight and can last particularly long since it is easy to use and requires no external power source.

Costs of a Door Key Safe

The costs of door key safes vary depending on the manufacturing companies, as well as depending on the make and type of the door key safe. However, they are the most common in the market, and they are readily available in most hardware and appliance shops.
  • The J5 over the door key safe is available in most appliance stores at a starting price of £43.79 at
  • Amazon is another provider of door key safe items with price tags of only £8.29.
  • Able Safe Co has many price ranges for door key safe products starting from £38.68.

Installing a Door Key Safe

Door key safes are easy to install since they slip on the door, and there is no need for power in order for it to be operational. Recommendations are that their installation takes place where they are not easily seen and the combination should not be obvious. The packaging comes with an installation kit, so anybody who can read it can install it. Once mounting has taken place, the switch should be pressed down to reset the buttons, then the keying in of the appropriate combination code proceeds, and after the use of the key, the code is entered again. The open button is pressed to push the lid back and lastly, when the open button is released, the lid locks itself.

Given the many advantages of a door key safe, it is appropriate to say that such a device may be well worth the money. A door key safe can be installed on any door, and itís easy to operate. It is affordable, durable and convenient since it does not require any power source. A door key safe is recommended for household and official security usage.

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