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Key safes are useful products for storing keys. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, meaning you can get a key safe for a single key to a whole arsenal of keys. Their main benefit is that you can ensure your keys remain safe and can only be accessed by designated people. One reason for this could be that you are elderly and struggle with coming to the door. You could give the combination to your key safe to your relatives so they are able to access your front door key without the need of cutting extra keys. A key safe is always a better idea than hiding your keys under a rock or a doormat or the ever popular plant pot next to the front door!

What is a Wall Key Safe?

A wall key safe is a key safe that is mounted to a wall. They come in different sizes and can hold from just a few keys to hundreds of keys. They are often used in office buildings, hotels and car hire companies, where a large number of keys are kept and stored in a single, safe place and can only be accessed by designated members of staff. They can also be used by individuals, for example someone who has a lot of windows with individual window keys, or someone with a large family who have a car each, or someone with some outside buildings such as a shed or a greenhouse that is lockable.

Costs of a Wall Key Safe

  • With The Tool Stop, a large Masterlock wall key safe costs £30.95 including VAT. A Masterlock wall key safe can hold house keys, credit cards and car keys.
  • B&Q sell small wall key safes for £10.48, which is really great value. Their wall key safe has hooks to hang single keys from and you can also purchase tags so you can make it clear which key goes where.
  • Homebase will sell wall key safes for around £24.99. These are quite thin and streamlined, meaning you can hide them without being unsightly in your decor.

Installing a Wall Key Safe

Installing a wall key safe is very easy. It just requires the ability to use a drill and a screwdriver. When you purchase a wall key safe, they will usually come with installation instructions, making it very easy for you to do. There is no need to hire a professional to install your new safe.

So, whether you need to store a large amount of keys safely and securely in your office environment or just your front door key so your relatives can come in without you having to come to a door, a wall key safe is an excellent solution. They can be purchased at very reasonable prices and donít require any technical knowledge to install. And they give you the peace of mind of knowing that your keys are safe and can only be accessed by the right people.

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