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Have you ever been out and about, to the cinema, running in the park or any number of other activities, and got back to your car only to discover your keys have dropped from your pocket or lost somewhere during the day? If you’re anything like me, this is followed by a few curse words and a frantic searching through each pocket a dozen times, before finally giving up and ringing your significant other or a locksmith to come and open the door – both are an inconvenience and often costly exercise. But what if you could just use a magnetic key safe attached to the outside of your car to keep a spare key on hand whenever you might need it?

What is a Magnetic Key Safe?

The magnetic key safe is a small magnetised box that can hold one or two keys and can connect magnetically to any metal surface – usually a car but also to any metal around the house. These storage devices are usually protected from thieves who might accidentally find them by a combination lock. The most common use of the magnetic key safe is for fitting to an unobtrusive place on the underside of a vehicle in the event of needing a spare key. It is also useful for hiding house or office keys outside the building. If you just need a space to keep one or two spare keys for emergency situations, this might be the perfect device for you.

Costs of a Magnetic Key Safe

  • The Lock and Safe Shop offers various models of magnetic key safes of different shapes and sizes. With prices starting from £7 they aren’t the cheapest around, but their branches are spread throughout the country.
  • Safe Options is an online store that offers a magnetic key safe for £4.99 excluding shipping.
  • Iron Mongery 4U is a company based in Somerset that offer all sorts of home ironmongery and have an option that sells for £26.

Installing a Magnetic Key Safe

Installing the magnetic key safe is simple. All you have to do is set a combination of your choice, remembering not to make it obvious by avoiding birthdays, anniversaries and other common choices for combinations and PIN codes. If you need help with setting the combination, you can consult the manual that came with the magnetic key safe or call the shop you bought it from for guidance. Once the combination is set, choose a spot on your car or exterior of your property that won’t be easy to find. Try asking friends or family for some suggestions on where you can put it. After deciding on a location for the magnetic key safe, simply let the magnet on the device attach itself to the metal surface of your vehicle or home.

As you can see, the magnetic key safe is both cost effective and simple to use. To avoid the massive frustrations involved in locking your keys in your car or being locked out of your home, the magnetic key safe will pay for itself the first time you need to use it.

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