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Every person has been locked out at least once in their lifetime, or they know somebody who has been locked out. This happens due to the many sets of keys people own: car keys, house keys, cabinets’ keys, drawer keys, office keys, garage keys, gate keys among many more. Mixing them up or losing them thus happens frequently. A key safe can decrease the chances of losing keys or mixing them up. This reduces the cost of replacing keys and locks while increasing security.

Key safes also improve time management in case of people working together but reporting at different times. Those who report early do not have to wait for others to report so that they can hand over the keys when they arrive. It is in this regard that getting a key safe such as the GE Access Point key safe is advisable.

What is a GE Access Point Key Safe?

The GE Access Point key safe is a key safe that has an easy to use push-button with a combination mechanism that ensures the necessary space for holding up to five keys. It offers the user the chance to choose from over 1000 combinations. It is reliable, affordable and highly recommended for family use and for children who keep losing keys. It has a protective cover and an included mounting hardware for easy setup. It is rust free and weather proof thus increasing durability and reliability. It is affordable and easy to use for people of all ages with a warranty of not less than one year.

Costs of a GE Access Point Key Safe

  • The GE access point key safe is available in most appliance stores and can also be found on Amazon for the price of £44.55.
  • Reasonable bargains of key safes can be found at Mr. Lock Inc with the prices ranging from £35.75, with all shipping costs included and at least a one year warranty.
  • Celtic Locksmiths is another company that lists this type of devices, and people can buy key safes at the price of £6.22.

Installing a GE Access Point Key Safe

Installation of the GE Access Point key safe shouldn’t pose any difficulties since the device is simple to mount and operate. It can be installed on a wall or other desired place in the building. It has an LCD showing a digital clock with time and date and a time stamp that records the details of the last nine key events. It can also be mounted onto the exterior door trim, and it is easy to install and operate. The packaging includes an installation kit with a user’s manual, but if the client cannot install it, they can seek professional help from the provider.

The GE Access Point key safe can hold unusually long keys due to its shape. The GE Access Point key safe is all metal thus making it secure and tamper proof and it is highly recommended for school going children, household support staff, healthcare specialists and rental building residents.

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