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Chances are you have a safe in your home and if you installed it, when you bought it you were faced with the decision between a digital combination safe and a safe that operates with a key. While digital safes offer the convenience of not having to carry around a key to open the safe, some consider them to be not nearly as safe as the key locking alternative. Safes are very useful – they provide a very safe place to store important family documents like birth and marriage certificates, money, jewellery and other valuables. Because safes come in such a diverse range of shapes and sizes and even different metal thicknesses, no matter what you’re storing in them, safes are regarded as the SAFEST way to keep anything of value in the home or office.

What is a Safe Key Lock?

A safe key lock is the lock that is used on your key safe. It can either be opened by use of another key, a combination code or a rotating lock depending on your needs. The job of a safe key lock is to ensure that your key remains safe. With so many different styles available you are sure to find one that you find easy to use and that is within your budge.

Safe Key Lock Costs

The cost of a safe key lock all depends on the type of safe you choose to buy. The locks are not bought separately but rather are a part of the initial safe. A few of the most popular choices include:
  • The Master Lock 5401D key safe retails for £14.95, not including VAT. This is a safe that holds up to four keys and includes a four wheel combination lock. This enables the user to set one of 10,000 combinations – not likely a burglar will be able to guess which one you choose.
  • The Yale Combination Key Lock Cabinet retails for £22.60, not including VAT. This is an even more secure safe and holds 20 keys. It has a three wheel combination lock and is the perfect solution for hotels and businesses.
  • The GE Supra Slimline Key Safe is a top of the range model that retails for £39.00 not including VAT. It includes a mechanical push button lock with for a ten digit code – it will be harder to find a key safe with higher security than this model.

Choosing a Safe Key Lock

Your needs will determine the safe key lock that you ultimately choose. If you are locking away keys that open a very important vault containing valuable documents or money you may wish to opt for a 10 digit safe key lock. If your needs are more simple, a four digit lock may be more effective – and it is also cheaper. With hundreds of different safe key locks on the UK market it should not be too hard to find one for your needs either online or in a home department or hardware store.

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