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Master Lock Key Safe Instructions

Master Lock is one of the most recognised brand names in the security industry. There are a number of locks under their brand that are used for everything from storing important master keys right through to other small and valuable items like a wedding ring or even money. Your security is largely affected by how you use the lock and how safely you guard the unique combination. Master lock key safe instructions refer to the Master Lock key safes that are specifically created for master copies of important keys but can be applied to most of their combination locks. Let’s come to terms with how to easily open your Master Lock key safe.

Master Lock Key Safe Instruction 1 – Creating your Combination

The whole purpose of your key safe is to keep your valuables close at hand but far away from anyone who could compromise your safety. This is why a combination is so important. When it comes to your key safe, you will want a combination that is obscure enough to frustrate any unwelcome priers but simple or memorable enough for you to get that key at the drop of a hat, especially if there’s an emergency. Try entering in a number that only you will know like a birth year of someone close to you or an old postal code. This combination can also be safely stored in a secret place in the building for just in case. You may have to clear an existing combination by entering in the digits and resetting it.

Master Lock Key Safe Instruction 2 – Getting Your Valuables in There

Take your key or other small valuable and put it on the hook inside of the lock. You will do this by opening the lock with the pull handle after it has clicked open. Before you actually go ahead and lock the keys in there, first get familiar with the way the lock works and make sure you can get it out if you need to. You will then click the lock back into place and it will automatically clear.

Master Lock Key Safe Instruction 3 – And Getting Them Out Again

This is when that original combination will come in handy. If you have the keypad combination opener, you can simply press in the numbers in the right order. You will see that the lock opens. Now you can take out your keys and deal with the emergency. Just be sure to put them back in the safe as soon as possible. As quickly as the first bunch go missing, the master set can just as easily disappear.

If you are too scared to store your combination in your home or office, you can always use the Master Lock site. They have a free service that allows you to store a number of combinations in the safety of a secure online vault. By following these simple Master Lock key safe instructions, you will be working your new lock in no time and can ensure that your valuables are kept truly safe.

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