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For many years, people have been using hooks and rings to store keys around the house or at their places of work. Over time, people have acquired more units that need keys, including kitchen appliances, cars, drawers, cabinet keys and many others. The increase in the number of keys people own has made it hard for people to keep track of their keys. Technological advancements have made it easier for people to store keys efficiently since the invention of key safes. Key safes are secured safes made specifically for storing keys. They are accessible for a limited group of individuals thus reducing intrusion of the property under lock while giving the owner security of his property. They save time otherwise lost when walking around the office or home perusing through papers trying to remember the last location of various keys. This is why a Helix key safe is an extraordinarily useful addition to one’s belongings.

What is a Helix Key Safe?

Helix key safes are a range of key safes made by Helix manufacturers. They are strong and durable and can be found in selections storing from 10 keys to 320 keys. They make for a secure and convenient way to store keys since their manufacturers have adopted designs with key management features such as metal colour coded key hanger stripes that help separate and identify different keys. In addition, most of the Helix key safe cabinets are made of steel, have cylindrical locks, contain indexing labels and the key fobs appear in assorted colours.

Helix key safes have a comprehensive range consisting of high-quality safes. Their models range from simple key boxes to high security key safes and other accompanying key accessories. They have steel bodies hence making them durable and tamper proof. These key safes can be used by people working in various institutions or by household owners to ensure and manage key security.

Costs of the Helix Key Safe

The Helix Key safes have a wide range in relation with make and the technology that they operate with.
  • The online provider Euroffice offers descriptions of different Helix Key safes as well as price listings. They have prices ranging from £27.79 excluding VAT for the Helix Standard Key Safe made of Steel with a Cylinder Lock and Fixings.
  • gives a good bargain on different Helix Key Safes. They also provide installation advice besides the description of the product. For example, the Helix Standard Key Safe with Cylinder Lock and Fixings costs £27.91 with free delivery for UK residents.
  • is an online shopping website which sells the Helix Key Cabinet that holds up to 100 Keys for £70.4.

Installing a Helix Key Safe

Helix key safes are easy to install and maintain. Upon purchasing the key safe, the user receives a wall mounting kit that contains crystal clear guidelines on how to go about installing the device on the wall.

A Helix key safe is strong and reliable, and can be mounted on a wall, floor and in some cases, on temporary surfaces to grant the key safe’s user the chance of turning his unit into a portable one.

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