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A key safe gives you the peace of mind that only those who you want can access your property, without you having to give them a key. You can store all your keys in the safe and anyone who has your code can then access them and open the doors they were meant for. Maybe you own a small business and have multiple rooms. Or maybe you have mobility difficulties. There can be plenty of reasons to store all your keys with the peace of mind that you only need one set of keys. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, fitting anything from a single key to a whole building’s worth of keys.

What is a Surf Key Safe?

A surf key safe is a portable safe in which you can store your keys or any other valuables. It is small and compact, making it easy to carry around and giving you the peace of mind that all your valuables are in one place. Because it is so compact, as well as being padlock shaped, you can secure it to a vehicle or any other safe anchor point. Many wetsuits come with key attachments, but it can be very uncomfortable to ride that perfect wave whilst having a bunch of keys attached to your chest of course!

You don’t have to surf to use a surf key safe. Its main feature is that it is compact, which makes is perfect for anyone who enjoys outdoor pursuits. Simply put, it is perfect for anyone that doesn’t want to carry their keys around whilst they are enjoying some other activity.

Costs of a Surf Key Safe

You can purchase a surf key safe from many companies. It will come as no surprise that surf key safes can be purchased from most surf shops. They come in a range of brands, shapes and sizes and some are mentioned below.
  • Lunasurf, run by surfers for surfers, for example is a specialised surfing store where you can purchase a surf key safe. Their KEYPOD – key safe costs £17.99, making them truly excellent value.
  • Ann’s Cottage Surf Shop, a specialised surf shop in Cornwall, will sell a surf key safe for £32.99.
  • Boardwalk, the Newquay surf shop, sells a surf key safe for £24.99.

Installing a Surf Key Safe

Installing a surf key safe is very easy, because they are so compact. No need for a degree in rocket science or even hiring a specialist key safe installer. Just clip the key safe to the bottom of your car or any other safe anchor point, like a railing. You are the only person with the combination, so no matter what you attach it to, your valuables will remain safe.

So, if you are an avid surfer and you haven’t got a key attachment on your wetsuit, a surf key safe is an excellent alternative. It is certainly safer than hiding your valuables under a rock or vehicle, under a doormat or any other “safe and secure” place. Also, if you give the code to someone else, this could mean you could borrow someone’s car and they could pick it up whilst you’re enjoying the surf! Cowabonga dude!!!

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