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If you own a holiday house in the south of Spain and often rent it to people who youíve never met, youíd need to mail them a copy of the keys, which could get lost in the post or at worst find their way into the hands of the wrong person. Plus it means youíre sending countless copies of your keys out to strangers and you may not always get them back. A much easier way of doing things would be to leave a copy of the keys at your Spanish holiday house so anyone needing access to the house that has your permission can easily get and use them. Then, once theyíre done they can simply return the keys and you donít need to worry about getting them back. A padlock key safe might be just what you need.

What is a Padlock Key Safe?

The Padlock key safe looks and acts much like a regular large padlock, so they can be secured around a door handle or through a deadbolt making them very easy to use and portable. They are usually smaller than the type that is mounted to a wall but just as safe and durable as the mounted type. They are constructed of cast aluminium or stainless steel and stand up well to attempts to open by hammering or hacksawing open. Many of these padlock style key safes lock by means of a combination style lock and offer four digit codes that can be changed as many times as you need to. With four numbers in your combination there are ten thousand possible combinations so guessing the code is all but impossible.

Costs of a Padlock Key Safe

  • Office Furniture Online offer the padlock style key safe for £18.95. They are an online store and will deliver throughout the United Kingdom.
  • Screwfix has many branches around the country and have a few options for padlock key safe devices, the most economical one selling for £21.59.
  • Able Safe and Co, based in Preston Lancashire stock the Master Mini Key Safe Padlock for £29.

Installing a Padlock Key Safe

Padlock key safes need almost no installation. Because they work like a padlock, all you need is a place to lock it onto, like a doorknob, burglar bar, pole or any similar location. Simply open up the padlock with the default combination and use the included manualís instructions to change it. Once itís been changed you can lock it onto your chosen location wherever you are and youíre ready to leave it until you need it. If you need any assistance choosing a location or help with setting the combination, give your friends or family a go at getting it right or even consult a professional.

The great thing about the padlock key safe is its portability. You arenít stuck to using it only where a regular key safe would be mounted. If you are taking a trip or going on holiday you can take the padlock key safe with you Ė even if itís to the beach.

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