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Since the days of leaving our doors unlocked and trusting our neighbours to keep an eye on our homes are long past, certain security measures had to take place. The 1970ís introduced key safes - an easy yet effective way to store keys and safeguard all of our precious belongings. Key safes come in a wide array of models, styles, and types, but for the homeowner just looking to keep their house keys safe, a key safe lock box is probably the best option.

What is a Key Safe Lock Box?

Most everyone has seen the fake rocks and other garden decorations that hide keys. The problem with these is that many times they do not lock, and itís easy for anyone to pick them up and walk off with them. A key safe lock box actually attaches to your door handle, gate, or even a gas meter. They latch securely so you donít have to worry about someone walking away with it, and nowadays they use pretty impressive technology to keep them secured.

A key safe lock box is an excellent idea for real estate agents selling a home. Rather than expecting your client to just hand over the keys, you keep them secured on their own front porch so they have just as much access to them as you do. Many key safe lock boxes are operated on an infrared system that uses synchronisation to access the keys; this ensures that only certain people are able to open the lock box.

Costs of a Key Safe Lock Box

While you certainly canít put a price on the value of your memories and the safety of your family, a key safe lock box can fit into any budget. Prices start at £15.00 for basic models with a combination lock and increase depending on the technology and other aspects of the lock box.
  • GE makes the key safe lock box that uses the infrared technology mentioned above. These are considered one of the most high tech available and start at about £20.00.
  • Keysafe, a company located in Shropshire is not only readily available to UK residents, but their uniquely designed key safe lock box is available in different models and start around £40.00
  • If quick delivery and a 1 year guarantee spark your interest, then Chubb may be a company for you to look into. They are internationally known as a security systems manufacturer and their basic key safe lock box starts is very affordable with rates starting at £40.00.

Installing a Key Safe Lock Box

A definite advantage of choosing a key safe lock box over other key safe options is that there is no installation required. Simply attach it your door handle (or wherever you choose to keep it) and youíre good to go. The only set up required is either setting the combination on the lock box or synchronising the technology.

A key safe lock box is one of the most convenient ways to keep your house keys safe and offer you peace of mind while you are away. Everything that is important to you is kept within the four walls of your home and the last thing you want is for someone to welcome themselves into your haven uninvited.

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