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Getting a safe can be a good investment for anyone. Most people think that owning a safe is only for rich people that have priceless jewellery and masterpieces to protect. However, that is not the case. It is a lot more common for a thief to try and steal something a little more mundane like a credit card or the keys to the house or to the car then it is to try and attempt a daring heist like in the movies. That is why regular people need a way to protect their smaller possessions like keys and credit cards. For these objects a key safe is ideal. In order to get a great deal on the safe while making sure it is still effective, you should choose a key pad safe that offers the safety that most other high tech and expensive safes provide while also maintaining a price fit for the middle class.

What is a Key Pad Safe?

The name suggests the method by which the safe is locked. It uses a numeric or a digital keypad to lock and open the safe. This is done with a code that is usually four digits or more that only the owner should know. This way the owner feels better that nobody other than him will be able to open that safe without breaking it, or guessing one of 10,000 combinations. The key pad safe uses a simple, but effective method that remains one of the most popular locking mechanisms due to its simplicity as well as the low costs of the safes that employ it.

Costs of a Key Pad Safe

  • GE provides one of the best key safe models available on the market. The C500 is the first key safe that has been approved by the Police in the UK. It has a simple locking mechanism defined by a push button keypad and it retails at 72 including VAT.
  • Phoenix Safe Company Limited also offers a wide variety of key safes that are locked using a keypad. The Phoenix Electronic Key Cabinet KS0031e uses a digital keypad and it retails for 78 including VAT.
  • Sterling has also made a keypad key safe that has proven to be very popular with customers. It is called the Sterling Digital Key Cabinet KC60S and it retails for 106.80 including VAT.

Installing a Key Pad Safe

Just the locking method differs with these safes as opposed to all other key safes. The installing is just as easy. All you need is a power drill and a screwdriver. Use the drill to make some holes in the wall and the screwdriver to screw the safe in place and you are done. If you cannot handle this job then ask a family member or a friend that has previous experience with this kind of work for help. If they cannot help you then reach out to a professional.

This kind of safe is small and effective at protecting your property. It is no wonder that a lot of people turn to using a key pad safe when they want to have a secure place to store their keys.

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