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Key safe box is a locked box that lets you keep all your keys at one place. It is the most organized way to store your keys without creating confusion and chaos regarding the keys. The key safe box has the hooks and rings inside to hang the keys. Different colors used for racks helps in identifying the various keys easily.

Key safe box is ideal for the people who are key custodians, property dealers, real estate agents by profession. These people are given the responsibility of keeping the keys safely in their charge. Many racks and colors allow them remember and differentiate the keys from each other. The key safe box can hold ten to thousand keys at a time depending upon its size. Some of the key safe boxes have the doors made of glass which enables people to look inside without having to open the key safe.

The key safe boxes are available in wide variety. Most of the key safe boxes are made of steel and each key safe box is unique. Wooden key safe boxes are also available; however they are good for residential security purpose only. They are like decorative items which are unsuitable for official and industrial premises. The steel key safe box enjoys the long lasting, strong and fire proof features unlike its wooden counterpart.

Some of the key safe boxes are movable which allows its users move important keys from one place to another without creating security lapse. All the keys can be transported easily and securely to another place. A larger key safe box can store bunches of keys as it is deep enough to keep keys safely.

The industrial or business property has many locks in different parts of the premises. Keeping the track of the keys is very important. Key safe box allows the businesses store their keys at the safe place.

The key safe boxes are available in two different types, such as:
  • Traditional lock and key and
  • Digital combination.
The key safe box with digital combination to open it is perfect for keeping keys of business premises. The key custodian has to keep track of the keys in his charge. The steel key safe box with glass door lets him/her check the keys without opening the door. The digital combination key safe boxes are more useful for places where the security is of essence. The burglars will think twice before spending time on cracking open the code of a digital key safe box.

Many burglaries happen because the property owners do not follow proper security measure. Sometimes people leave their keys under the door mat or keep it near the tree next to the door. This provides the opportunity to the thieves and people loose their hard earned money and other expensive things.

Therefore even the police department suggests people going on a vacation that they use the key safe for their own safety. Thus the safe key box is becoming one of the essential things required for the home security.

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