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Lost Safe Key

In todayís dog eat dog world, where unemployment rates are skyrocketing and petty crimes are on the rise, you can never be too careful with your belongings. Most people have a few items that are of emotional value, very expensive or even irreplaceable. These items are going to need special protection, but keeping them at the bank is a hassle because when you need them, you have to wait for the bank to be open, go all the way down there and get flooded in red tape whenever you want access to your items. Thatís why a home safe might be a great option.

Safes coming in a variety of sizes and shapes, so whether youíre storing just your birth certificate or the entire family jewel heirloom collection, youíll find one for you. Some people opt for the digital key combination safes while others still prefer the reliability and solidness of the key operated safe. But keys come with a risk Ė if youíre not careful you might end up with a lost safe key.

Lost Safe Key Replacement

Because safe keys arenít the size of houses, they can easily be misplaced or lost. Especially these days between the gym, supermarket, office, home and familyís house, you might easily misplace or drop it along the way. Luckily, safe manufacturers often keep records of all the keys they manufacture for their safes. Obtaining replacement safe keys can often take a long time and be frustrating, so make sure before you request them that the keys are definitely lost Ė call your friends, relatives and anywhere you might have been to ask if theyíve found your lost safe key.

Lost Safe Key Replacement Costs

Your safe has a unique number sequence to identify the lock and safe combination which you can give to the safe manufacturer along with some personal details that they may ask for like your proof of purchase, name and address and any number of other things. With this information they can rebuild the lost safe key for you. Depending on the size of the safe and the complexity of the locks, the cost of the key can vary vastly. For a small home safe, expect to pay around £10 to £25. For a larger industrial safe, you might pay as much as £125. Your keys will be issued in a set of two and may take some time to be produced. Some safe manufacturers offer, for an additional fee, a priority lost safe key replacement service.

How to Keep Your Lost Safe Key Replacement

If you have a place in your home where you can hide a safe key so that nobody ever finds it, you can hide it there so you arenít carrying it around with you. If you donít have such a place, get yourself a key safe and mount it somewhere completely out of sight Ė itís a small combination lock operated safe that holds a few keys. They are very secure and cost effective. With this device installed you can leave your safe key at home and no longer have to worry about having a problem with a lost safe key.

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