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Your entire family is arriving on holiday from Europe but the only time they could get a flight is arriving in the middle of the day while youíre at work - typical family. Being in such an important and high stress job, you canít quickly dash out and let them in through the mid-afternoon traffic, so you have to leave a key for them to let themselves in. But how safe is it really leaving keys under the mat or in a plant pot? Burglars usually know where people hide keys and these are the first places theyíll look. Securing those keys you leave outside your building is always a much better and safer idea than just hiding them. By using a push button key safe, you can not only make sure your keys are secure, but the family can let themselves in to the house while youíre at work.

What is a Push Button Key Safe?

A push button key safe is a small safe you can attach to a wall or floor to safely lock up to 7 keys inside. Because the safe works electronically with up to 10 buttons, codes of four, five or six numbers can be set, making the number of combinations far too large to guess and even if itís attempted, because the number of numbers in the code is user selectable, a potential thief wonít even know how many numbers are in your code. The push button key safe is made from a strong rust proof metal and is almost impenetrable by hammering or hacksawing to try and open it.

Costs of a Push Button Key Safe

  • The Safe Shop offers a range of push button key safes and being an online store they ship to anywhere in the United Kingdom. Expect to pay from £28.99 for one of their options.
  • UPVC DIY Store have a few of the big brand key safes that are operated by push button in stock. Prices range from £41 to £62. They are based in Essex.
  • Zone Security, a company in Berkshire, manufacture and sell a budget key safe that sells for £15.

Installing a Push Button Key Safe

The push button key safe needs to be mounted to a wall or floor and as such a bit of drilling is needed. If youíre not any good with a drill, bribe a friend or family with a few beers to come over and drill the holes needed to mount the push button key safe to your wall or floor. Once mounted, all that you need to do is follow the instruction manual for setting up a combination and youíre ready to use the key safe. If at any point you get stuck with the installation or setting the combination, try calling a professional for help or even to do the installation for you.

Push button key safes are usually more secure than their scrolling combination lock style alternatives because the push button variety generally allow for longer combinations. No matter what you use it for, youíll find that having the push button key safe installed outside your home or office is a great investment.

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