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What is a Key Safe?

They say that ‘he who has the keys to heaven rules the world'. May be our keys aren't precious enough for ruling the world; but whoever has them, has the clean access to our personal world. So along with the protection of our precious belongings we need to protect our keys to those protected areas. That is exactly where a key safe comes into play.

So what is a key safe actually? – is it a safe that is operated by keys instead of combinations? Not actually. A key safe is in fact a safe for the keys. Yes, a safe protected with combinations to hold keys of different kinds is a key safe. A unique kind of a protection system it is, though with almost all the same features as any other safe. A key safe can hold a number of keys (depending on the size and type) with combinations to protect them.

The key safes generally have either specific slots for keys or drop off key slots. The safety of the keys is a concern mainly in offices where numerous keys to numerous cabinets and safes are to be handled. There are safes available for storing up to thirty keys at a time – sounds like a key gulping monster, right? Other smaller safes (seven keys at a time) and deep key storage safes are also available. These differently styled and differently equipped key safes have been designed with the different possible utility areas.

Some of the key safes have numbered slots and thus the keys can be kept accordingly for ease of use. Key cabinets can be either mounted on the wall with support or can be simply kept on the floor or a platform. Key safes are available with manual dial combination input system or digital input system. Both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

What is a key safe's level of safety?

The combinations that are used for unlocking the key safe are generally very hard to guess. This is because there are thousands of possible combinations for passwords. With so many combinations, there will be no need for changing the password weekly.

There are key safes available with push button access along with digital screen for entering the password and opening the safe. Although many may oppose the idea of having an electronic device for protection, let me tell you that these key safes work extremely well. One can choose such a key safe instead of the traditional multi-dial system.

For homes, the smaller safes with simple yet strong mechanism are available. There are a number of manufacturers of key safes to choose from. Although they stand competitive with their good and bad, all of these are extremely well-designed for ultimate protection of keys. After all, what is a key safe without the perfect safety for keys?

So while planning for a cabinet for storing keys, one can go for purchasing a key safe and ensure that their keys are always in safe hands.

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