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Wall Mounted Key Safe

Key safes are secure storage spaces for keys. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as levels of security. They have been used by people from all walks of life, from business holders who have large amounts of keys, to private users who like to hang their keys up somewhere safe when they come in the house. Plenty of young people will have even made key safes in woodwork classes, usually in the shape of a gaily decorated house.

What is a Wall Mounted Key Safe?

A wall mounted key safe is exactly what the word says. It is a key safe that is mounted on a wall. You will often find a wall mounted key safe with vehicle rental companies, who have a large fleet of vehicles and, hence, a large number of keys. Rather than having secure storage spaces for each of the keys, or someone walking around with history’s largest bunch of keys, they will use a wall mounted key safe instead. Each relevant employee will hold a key or code to this safe and will therefore be able to access the keys to any vehicle they are renting out.

Costs of a Wall Mounted Key Safe

  • You can buy a wall mounted key safe from Argos for £24.99. Made out of zinc, it is extremely durable. Being of smaller size, there are also plenty of places you could hang it up on.
  • Traka is a company that specialises in intelligent key management. More suitable for business use, they sell a variety of wall mounted key safes, with additional access security, including remote PC access.
  • Transtools sell an electronic wall mounted key safe with some fantastic extra features, such as additional access codes and lighting for night-time use. It is a smaller safe, holding just a few keys. This particular wall mounted key safe costs £99.99 (including VAT), and as an online company they are able to offer free delivery on this product.

Installing a Wall Mounted Key Safe

Installing a wall mounted key safe for personal use can usually done with some simple DIY. If you are able to drill holes and screw in some screws, you should be able to mount a key safe. Most will come with detailed explanations on how to best mount the key safe, as well as giving you some useful hints and tips on where best to install it. With a wall mounted key safe from Traka, installation services are required, which can be purchased from the company as well.

As you can see, there are many practical uses for a wall mounted key safe. Whether you are an individual that is looking for a safe way to manage your keys or a business that requires secure storage for a large number of keys, solutions are available for you in the form of a wall mounted key safe, often found at very reasonable prices from a variety of different merchants.

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