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In the UK, more and more people are considering purchasing a key safe for their own personal use. In the past, key safes were mainly used by businesses that hold many keys to different rooms, but there has been a shift lately that has shown that people are now buying key safes for personal reasons.

Why are People Using Key Safes in the UK?

There has been a real drive lately to encourage people to stay in their own homes for as long as possible when they are ageing, rather than moving into hospitals or nursing homes. This, however, does mean that there are quite a few people who struggle with walking or getting up to come to the door. Where in the past, these same people would cut their key several times to give a single set to everyone who needs one (children, parents, family members, friends, carers), it has now become more simpler to have a key safe.

A key safe means that you only need a single key, stored in your safe. All you then need to ensure is that those who have right of access to your home hold the code to the safe. In the UK, having a key safe for this use has proven to be extremely useful.

One of the handiest key safes is the portable key safe UK. This safe will usually hold a single key and a credit card. In this day in age, where people in the UK are enjoying outdoor activities, such as surfing, picnics and hikes, it is a really useful piece of kit to have. Shaped like a padlock, you can attach it to any bar or railing and enjoy your activity with the knowledge that you do not need to regularly check your pockets and have the peace of mind that your keys are safe where you left them. It is a much safe option than hiding your key under a rock or a plant pot, as many people did in the past.

Purchasing a Key Safe in the UK

Although specialised companies are available to purchase key safes from, these are usually directed at businesses that need bespoke key safes. For private use, it is much easier to find a key safe UK from some of the major stores such as B&Q, Boots or Argos. Many of these will sell key safe UK that have been quality approved by the police, meaning you would have real peace of mind that your keys remain safe. Prices for key safe UK vary. Although it is hard to put a price on security, you can expect to pay anywhere between 10 and 1000, depending on the safe you choose.

Most people will have a reason to own a key safe UK and luckily there are plenty of places to purchase them from, with a key safe to suit every situation and every budget. If you spend some time doing a little bit of research, you are sure to find exactly the right key safe in the UK to suit your needs.

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