Key Safe

Key Safe

A lot of people like to know that their most valuable properties are protected at all times. That is why they keep them in safes. The safe is, in essence, a giant metal box that makes it very hard for someone other than the owner to get in it. This makes it ideal for storing valuables like jewellery or works of art, in order to protect them from thieves. However, there are smaller versions of these safes that are designed strictly to hold someone’s spare keys or other small valuables like credit cards. This is known as a key safe.

What is a Key Safe?

Like mentioned above, a key safe is basically a smaller version of a regular safe. It is a small container usually made out of metal that can be perfect for storing your keys so you do not lose them. Besides using it for your spare keys to your home, a key safe is great for storing your work keys as well as access cards and other types of credentials. They must be well protected at all times, especially if you work somewhere with sensitive information that can be dangerous if it were to be leaked to the wrong people.

Costs of a Key Safe

  • One of the best providers for key safes is GE Security. Formerly a part of General Electric, it is now a division of UTC Fire & Security and provides every type of security service available around the world. One of their most popular items is the Permanent GE Key Safe that is easy to install and maintain and is very affordable at just £42.46.
  • Phoenix Safe Company Limited is another great option for anyone looking for a key safe. Their most popular models are the KS1 and the KS2 available throughout the UK at just £22.50 and £28.99, respectively.
  • Burton Safes is a good option that can provide one of its best models, the Burton Keyguard, for just £32.99.

Installing a Key Safe

Installing a key safe is pretty easy if you have the right tools. All you need to be able to do is make a hole in the wall where you want to fit your safe. If you do not think you can handle this than you can ask a friend or a colleague that would be better suited for the job. If that is not a viable option then you can hire an installing service that is available in the UK for £48.

If a thief stole your keys he would have access to your house and your car. This could put you in a dangerous situation. A key safe is a great thing to have to ensure the protection of your keys. If you have a job that involves being around private and potentially dangerous information then you should do your best to protect your access cards and credentials from being stolen. That is why it is best that you use a key safe.

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