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Selling your house used to be as easy as shaking hands with the local real estate agent, handing over your keys, and walking away. Dishonesty and scams have infested our world to such an extent today that things are not quite that simple anymore. Key safes are becoming a bigger and bigger part of real estate since they keep the keys at the home and securely locked away; accessible only to those with codes to open them. One major key safe that is taking over the real estate sector entirely is the Keysafe lockbox.

What is a Keysafe Lockbox?

A Keysafe lockbox is likely something you have seen several times and just never realised what it was. It is a secured key safe that attaches to the door handle, gate, fence, or anywhere else on or around the home. The basic models have a combination lock on them and can hold one to two keys. Larger models that hold 5 to 10 keys are also available but are usually unnecessary unless you are showing a commercial building that utilises several different keys. Thanks to increasing technological advances, a more high-tech Keysafe lockbox is also available. These lockboxes operate on infrared technology and can often be set up to interact with a certain cell phone to open only when that phone is on site and synced with the unit.

Costs of a Keysafe Lockbox

Like just about anything else, the cost of a Keysafe lockbox will vary greatly depending on the size you need, the technology you require, and the budget you are looking to stay within. Because these lockboxes truly are a huge asset to real estate agents, you will discover more companies and options available than you care to sort through. Listed below are three companies found to provide quality service along with a quality product.
  • Lock Trader has a basic yet durable Keysafe lockbox that currently sells for £29.95. They boast quick delivery and don’t have a wide selection to choose from. If you are looking for a quick and easy route to getting your lockbox, this may be where you’d like to look.
  • If online shopping is what you prefer because of the ease of price matching, Gadget Find may be a site you’d like to take a look at. They offer basic digital model Keysafe lockboxes starting at £29.00 as well as same day shipping.
  • Obviously the more high-tech infrared models mentioned will be more expensive, but one great place to start is by looking at the models made by GE. Not only does GE have an excellent reputation in everything that they do, they also warranty each and every one of their products. The Keysafe lockboxes by GE start around £50.00.

Installing a Keysafe Lockbox

Do you prefer instruction manuals with words or the ones that are only pictures? With a Keysafe lockbox, it doesn’t matter—there is no installation required! Contrary to other key safe models, the Keysafe lockbox simply attaches to whatever you would like it to (most commonly the front door handle) and can be easily moved at any time.

Affordable prices, a heightened sense of security, no installation, and free delivery; how could you possibly go wrong with a Keysafe lockbox? Studies have also shown that homes utilising a Keysafe lockbox are more likely to be viewed than those available by appointment only. Not only are you getting the instant advantages of the Keysafe lockbox, you are likely to sell your home more quickly as well.

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