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Misplacing keys can be very frustrating since it tends to happen when one is in a hurry or in need of a crucial item that is locked away. In the modern world, many appliances have doors with keys on them thus mixing them up is also a major problem. It is in this regard that every household, institution or business premise gets a key safe. Key safes are made specifically for storing keys. They are made in different sizes, designs and are chosen according to the taste of the clients. They save time otherwise wasted on looking for lost and mixed up keys, and they keep the keys safe hence increasing the security of the property that is under the locks. They also help in controlling the access of restricted areas when the need arises, and one such device is the dual key safe.

What is a Dual Key Safe?

A dual key safe resembles a deposit box. The safe can be mounted on the wall or on a counter and some are portable. Some dual key safes can be mounted on the floor. They are heavy duty since they are constructed with solid steel with a steel cover for seamless concealed installation. Dual key safes also have a drop slot with anti-fish saw tooth baffle for increased security. They come with two manager keys and a guard key for additional convenience. Some use an electronic system and some have a keypad terminal control unit that uses a secret combination. They can hold as many keys as 50 and above depending on their size.

Cost of a Dual Key Safe

The dual key safe comes in different makes, types and sizes; hence they range in prices. Small household key safes are affordable and easy to install while big key safes for commercial use can cost a bit more since they can hold multiple keys. There are different companies that offer dual key safes at different rates. These include:
  • Amazon gives the client a wide range of affordable dual key safes made by different companies and according to different shipping conditions.
  • Safesetc is one of the many providers of dual key safes and they have customer assistance by arranging the safes by categories.
  • Frost Fire is another professional provider of dual key safes with prices starting at 24.99.

Installing a Dual Key Safe

Some dual key safes have an electronic system thus they require a specialist or a professional to install them. Some are mounted on the wall, a counter or the floor with a keypad terminal control unit that uses a combination to operate. Some have a key lock so they come with key sets and spare keys. You can either mount it yourself or seek professional help according to the complexity of the installation process.

Dual key safes are a convenient, affordable and secure mode of storing keys. Providers that sell products in the dual key safe category have a wide variety of items to choose from depending on their needs.

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