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Your home is where you harbour your family, your memories, and all of your belongings. While an insurance policy makes sure your receive compensation for the material things you may lose, lifeís most precious possessions are irreplaceable. Protecting families in the UK is the goal of key safe manufacturers and the security they provide is why more and more UK families are installing their own key safe wall mounted.

What is a Key Safe Wall Mounted?

A key safe wall mounted is a secure way to store your keys right on your own home. The safe can be mounted on a wall anywhere, whether itís next to your front door or in your garage. A key safe wall mounted is incredibly durable, weather proof, and tamper proof so you know your keys are safe no matter how long you are away.

When they were first launched, a key safe wall mounted was a pretty small and basic key safe with a combination lock on the front. Nowadays, thanks to innovation and technology, the key safe wall mounted is more high tech and digital models are becoming all the rage. Newer models can also hold several keys rather than just one, and with the digital interface replacing the old combination lock, your keys are more secure than ever.

Costs of a Key Safe Wall Mounted

While it may seem impossible, the key safe wall mounted does offer security and affordability all in one. While the digital models are definitely a step up, combination models are still readily available at lower prices than ever. Weíve even done some of the homework for you and found the top 3 companies that provide quality, value, and above all; a secure key safe.
  • Burton is a leading name for key safes in the UK. Their products are durable, weather proof, and incredibly heavy duty. They start at about £50.00, so if you are on a tight budget, something more low key may be a good idea. Burton offers free delivery within 1 to 4 days and their products all come with a 1 year guarantee.
  • When it comes to security of any kind, Masterlock is a name that is sure to come up. With years of experience and a name with a reputation of gold, you really canít go wrong with any type of key safe from Masterlock. They offer a wide selection and an average key safe wall mounted starts around £14.99.
  • If online shopping is your preference, Tooled Up is a great place to look for your key safe wall mounted. They offer several brands and models, with most within the £20.00 to £40.00 range.

Installing a Key Safe Wall Mounted

While most of todayís key safe wall mounted come with specific installation directions, it still may be a good idea to get some assistance with yours. Many companies offer free installation with purchase and the added security of knowing it has been properly installed is something worth taking advantage of.

Your peace of mind and the safety of your home and family could all be just a few mouse clicks away. A key safe wall mounted is an undemanding way of providing added security to your home without a large investment or long term commitment.

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