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A key safe is a device meant for the storage of keys. It can be used both for home and office purposes. A lot of people forget where they have kept their keys and sometimes this forgetfulness becomes so chronic that a lot of work is stalled due to it. A key safe is a wonderful idea for these people as it is an allotted storage space for keys and can be easily remembered. If you are looking to buy a key safe in the UK, taking a look at the best key safe companies in the UK will help you.
  • GE KeySafe: This is one of the top-selling companies in the UK for key safes. Their world-class locking and security solutions are very technologically advanced. All their products are the result of a lot of research. The high level of customer service and the security which the GE brand offers is second to none.
  • Keysafe: This is a company based in Shropshire in the UK. Their uniquely designed key safes provide the security you are looking for. You can choose from a wide variety of key safes depending on your requirement and budget. They have one to suit every pocket.
  • Burton: This is a premium brand for key safes in the UK. They hold anything from 5-7 keys at a rime and come with a protective waterproof rubber cover. Free delivery within the UK is also done within 1 to 4 days. They even come with a 1-year guarantee.
  • Chubb: This is a company that is recognized nationally as a manufacturer of security systems. All of them come with high-security locks. Free home delivery within 7 to 10 days within the country is possible.
  • Churchill: These are perfect for both the home and office. They provide great storage for your important keys and you can choose from different shapes and designs.
  • Keypod: This a good key safe to buy for people who indulge in surfing and other water sports as they are waterproof and secure. It can also be used for the home and office.
  • Masterlock: You can buy a key safe from this company as they have key safes that suit all kinds of budgets.
Buying a key safe in the UK can be done in person by visiting a departmental store or ordering online. If you want to use the internet, you can either make the payment with your credit card or through Paypal, whichever is more convenient.

The best place to install a key safe is in an area where it is concealed, such as in a bin bay, a secluded porch wall which is covered by a bush or hedge or near a meter box. You can even bolt it to the floor where it is very difficult to detect it. All you have to remember is to install it in a place where it is hidden from the unaccustomed eye. Buying a key safe is essential if security is on your mind.

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