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Sentry Safe Lost Key

Safes are known the world over for their invaluable job of keeping your valuables secure. From room sized bank vaults to small home safes, these devices have been used for centuries to keep the great unwashed from gaining access to your jewellery, important documents like birth certificates and marriage licences, cash and much more. Safes are incredibly versatile and come in many different shapes, sizes and varieties - electronically controlled behemoths to home digital key combination or key locked safes alike. Sentry Safe are one of the companies that specialise in the home or business buyer than needs a small safe to hold a few important items or documents.

If you opted to buy and install the key locked safe, either because you believe they’re more secure or because you have the number memory of a sieve, you know how difficult it is to keep track of your safe keys.

What is a Sentry Safe Lost Key?

I’m sure you’ve had a few instances where you’ve been convinced that you’ve lost your safe key and then found it a few hours or even days later. But what if you actually end up in a Sentry Safe lost key situation where you really do need to replace your key? After the panic subsides and you start to go about investigating just how you’re going to replace it, you’ll be pleased to know that you can usually get a replacement for your Sentry Safe lost key.

Sentry Safe Lost Key Replacement Costs

As with almost all good safe manufacturers, Sentry Safe keeps a detailed record of all the safes they manufacture, along with the key details so if in the event that you do need to replace your keys, you are able to order them straight from Sentry Safe themselves. Not always, but sometimes, you will need to complete a signed, notarised statement of ownership for your sentry safe lost key to be replaced. With most of the home and office safes, you can simply go to the Sentry Safe website, enter your safe’s model number, lock number and serial number and they can create a replacement key for you. All their keys are supplied in sets of two and they say standard delivery takes about 7 to 10 working days. Sentry Safe do offer an express delivery option which shortens the wait time to 48 hours. For the standard replacement, they charge about £25 for a set of two and the express option will cost you around £100.

How to Keep Your Sentry Safe Lost Key Replacement

As you can tell, the process of replacing a lost key is a long one and we’re sure you’d prefer to avoid it completely. There are several ways you can keep your safe key in a place where you won’t lose it. A key safe is a great way to do this. They are cheap and easy to install and use and will keep your safe key from becoming a Sentry Safe lost key.

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